Slushie melon rosé wine

When it is warm, the cocktails here were the odds ! Did you try the frozé watermelon in the last year ? This time I propose you a slushie to the rose wine and melon. A delight ! The slushie is a sort of granita. The word comes from the English name “slush” meaning ” snow is dirty and melting “. It is a dream, non ?

  • 250 g of meat of the melon
  • 20 to 25 cl of rosé wine bio (or white wine)

1. Cut the melon into slices, peel and cut the flesh into small cubes.
2. Place them in a container and put at least 6 hours in the freezer.
3. Mix the diced melon iced with pink wine in a blender glass (strong enough to blend ice cubes).
4. Serve immediately.

For a more glossy, you can mix with a little crushed ice.

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