Smallest Surviving Baby Boy Ever Leaves Hospital In Good Health


Ever since Gerber baby food slapped a photo of an adorable tyke onto their canned goods way back in 1928, parents across the country have hoped for their child to become as famous as the baby in the iconic charcoal sketch.That original baby, Ann Turner Cook (who is still alive at 92), was chosen simply because she lived in the same neighborhood as artist Dorothy Hope Smith.My grandmother was the Gerber baby. It

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Kim Denicola – Facebook

Kim Denicola is 56, but when she woke up in a hospital bed last October she was convinced she was only 17 years old.The grandmother from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is still coping with memory loss that erased almost four decades of memories, after a headache caused her to black out in her church’s parking lot.In a new interview with Inside Edition, Denicola described waking up in the hospital to questions from her

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Jeanie Mackinder – Wikimedia / Allison Bellucci – Facebook

Michael Bublé’s voice has made him one of the most successful singers on the planet, so anyone who could steal the show from him in front of a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden has a real gift.Erin Bellucci definitely does.The 21-year-old University of Delaware student was in the front row for Bublé’s recent date in New York City, and made the most of her close encounter with the star.

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Jason Scott – Flickr

According to TMZ, former Beverly Hills, 90210 and current Riverdale star, Luke Perry suffered a massive stroke yesterday at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA. He is currently in production for his hit show Riverdale in LA.Alan Light – FlickrThe 52 year old actor was taken to hospital Wednesday around 9:40 AM where his current condition is unknown. Gage Skidmore – Flickr This news comes on the same day a reunion spin-off was

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Flying has its headaches. Long lines through security, cramped planes, delays and cancellations, the list goes on and on. No matter how many complaints we’ve heard about travelling, however, none will top Bradley Button’s.Button was returning home to Melbourne, Australia after taking a short trip to visit his friend in Wellington, New Zealand. He was flying Singapore Airlines, which normally has a reputation for quality service and cleanliness.PixabayAlthough it’s only a short trip,

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Ariel McRae – Facebook

While some men keep the engagement ring they picked out for their fiance a surprise until the very last moment, others let their new brides choose the jewelry for themselves.It’s not as traditional, but this method guarantees your new fiance will be satisfied with their ring, and choosing one together is like picking out your future as a couple.But all it takes is one nasty store employee to spoil the effect, as

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