Smartphones have been banned in French schools and British parents call for same ruling in classrooms

SMARTPHONES have been banned in French schools — and more than half of British parents want the same here.

The aim is to keep pupils focused in the classroom.

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Most British parents think kids should be banned from carrying phones in class[/caption]

Children in both primary and middle schools in France must leave their mobiles at home or switch them off — except in an emergency.

The majority of British mums and dads think pupils should not be allowed to carry phones in class, according to online safety group Internet Matters.

It found that just over a quarter felt they could be used during break time.

And 34 per cent could accept them being used during lunch.

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French president Emmanuel Macron hopes to improve discipline by banning phones[/caption]

In France, President Emmanuel Macron said he would ban smartphones nationwide in an election campaign pledge and passed a law in July which also bans tablets and smartwatches.

The ban on technology in French primary and junior high schools means pupils aged three to 15 will be affected.

However, individual high schools, with pupils aged 15 to 18, will be able to initiate part or total bans.

Education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer called it “a law for the 21st century” that would improve discipline among France’s 12million schoolkids.

Nearly 90 per cent of French children aged 12 to 17 have a mobile. The ban’s supporters hope it will also curb the spread of violent and pornographic content among kids.



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