Social media brands women’s method to beg for fags ‘genius’ – dubbing it ‘British bonding in its prime’

THOSE self-isolating will know the pain of running out of something – then shortly remembering that you can’t just nip out of the house to restock.

However, one woman has come up with a clever solution after finding herself without cigarettes – with TikTok users branding the idea “genius”.


A woman took to begging for cigarettes on the street from her window[/caption]

In a funny post on the account @melissasolmaz, she can be seen lowering a plant pot from her upstairs window down to a table outside the pub below.

She instructs a group of blokes drinking pints to look at the message on top, which reads: “I’m self-isolating and ran out of cigarettes. Please may I have one?”

The men come to her rescue and send back up several cigarettes.

It has been watched more than 2.3 million times, and received over 284,000 ‘likes’.

I love when the great British public pull together

TikTok user

A follow-up video shows her lower the same plant pot down to two women walking on the street.

They can then be seen placing something inside.

When she lifts the pot back up, there’s rolling tobacco, cigarette papers and filters.

Captioning the clip, she wrote: “Could get used to this.”


The social media user added: “Apparently this is hat people on Italy used to do.”

One person wrote: “I love when the great British public pull together.”

Another commented: “This is genius.”

What are the health risks of smoking?

  • It can cause cancer
  • It can damage your heart and blood circulation
  • It can harm lungs
  • It can worsen respiratory conditions
  • It can cause impotence in men
  • It can increase risk of miscarriage and stillbirth in women

Source: NHS

A third shared: “Brit spirit hey.”

And a fourth added: “Aww this is so sweet.”

Meanwhile, a fifth joked: “British bonding in its prime.”


The blokes drinking at the pub came to her rescue[/caption]


TikTok users branded the idea “genius”[/caption]


Her posts have been viewed millions of times[/caption]

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