Some vegan meals contain more salt than EIGHT McDonald’s hamburgers

VEGAN food from restaurants and takeaways is often packed with dangerously high levels of salt, a study says.

One dish had the equivalent of eight and a half McDonald’s hamburgers.

Vegan dishes from restaurants can be as bad as eight and a half burgers from McDonald’s and are stuffed with dangerous levels of salt, a study shows
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Some 12 per cent of meals exceed the recommended daily intake of 6g — while three in five contain at least half, at 3g.

It could be more, however, as only half of the 290 meals at 45 outlets studied had information on salt content provided.

Of those that did, the worst offender was Japanese chain Wasabi’s pumpkin katsu curry yakisoba, with 10.3g.

A McDonald’s hamburger contains only 1.2g.

Papa John’s vegan American hot medium pizza contained 9.28g of salt. Loch Fyne’s spiced roasted cauliflower & squash Goan curry had 8.65g.

Sonia Pombo, of Action on Salt, who conducted the study, said: “Some restaurants are continuing to drown us in salt — this time under a vegan health halo.

“A plant-based or vegan label does not automatically qualify a product as healthy.”

Group chief Graham MacGregor, a professor of cardiovascular medicine, said eating too much salt raised blood pressure, the main cause of strokes and heart disease.

He said that some in the eating out sector were deliberately ignoring voluntary salt reduction targets, in what many people regard incorrectly as healthy food.

Prof MacGregor urged the Government to enforce stricter guidelines to “create a fair and level playing field wherever you choose to eat”.


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