Dream of a summer afternoon with Tamu McPherson

Always between two planes, Tamu McPherson juggled with an agenda ultra completed and a family life filled, but loaded. However, the influenceuse and editor of All the Pretty Birds has found the time to share with us the secrets of his balance at a stop-over in Milan, in the heart of the lively Brera district.

Philosophy summer this hectic huntress of trends is simple : take advantage of the summer to enjoy a city almost deserted. A pair of glasses, Blush from the new collection of solar Icy Ice of Stella Mc Cartney on the tip of the nose, Tamu McPherson sees life in milan in pink !

Stella Eyewear

What better advisor to explore a city? His philosophy is simple: to enjoy every second of it to let it speak its natural and let themselves be caught up by chance. A book and a pen in his pocket, to become a city-globe-trotter and transform the everyday into something extraordinary. On this river, just let yourself be carried away by the dream of a summer afternoon. With #StellaIcyIce, the angles and perspectives change.

Dare to go in the courtyards and secret gardens. Prefer the small shops in snobant supermarkets. Take the pretext of looks implausible to link knowledge, and exchange tricks of style. Finally, settle in to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy a freshly squeezed lemon or sherbet to pineapple and kiwi. A glance at the model Lemon from the collection #StellaIcyIce that door Tamu McPherson. Under a blazing sun, it is the feeling guarantee a fresh and tangy !

Stella Eyewear

This vision of the world through the glasses #StellaIcyIce glue at the ready-to-wear Stella mccartney: modern, young and unpolished. A palette of summer fresh, fun and fruity. To be in symbiosis with Tamu McPherson, share his secret weapon: glasses 100% Bio-acetate, translucent, eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, recyclable, and unisex. They see all the colors (blush, crystal, sky, lemon, amber, and jade), even to the children through the line Mini-Me Kids.

#StellaIcyIce, it is the city in Technicolor!

Video by Underdog
Makeup Artist Lucia Giacomin
Production Grazia.it & Ispiry
Text By Giulia Pivetta
Editor Sara Moschini

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