Sophia Bush (The Brothers Scott) clashée by a fan, she reframes it firmly in comment !

Sophia Bush is once again expressed about Donald Trump, which has brought him to clasher by a fan. It was not left to do !

While Kourtney Kardashian is on the outs with her boyfriend after he have clashed on Instagram, Sophia Bush does not hesitate to re-frame his critics as soon as something is not right. If you follow a few actress of the Brothers Scott on the social networks, you need to know that she is very involved in humanitarian causes, as well as in the policy. Deeply invested in the anti-Trump since his inauguration, Sophia Bush does not hesitate to pick up the debate when the president of the United States of America made a public appearance. One thing that does not appeal necessarily to all his fans. She responds !

Sophia Bush (Les Frères Scott) clashée par un fan, elle le recadre fermement en commentaire !

It is actually under a publication criticizing a new time Donald Trump as the interpreter of Brooke Davis has raised the voice : “I did not vote for him and I am not one of her supporters, but you’re an actress. You have never been a graduate in politics as the most of us. Both parties need to calm down and be responsible.” writing a fan visibly angry political commitment of the actress. Sophia was appalled by the judgement against her was, therefore, called up : “In fact, I was a graduate in journalism and my thesis of the end of the year was moving into political science. I have worked actively in the Obama administration. But please, continue to say that I know nothing. If it pleases you.” Ouch ! It should not be too look for the beautiful actress of 36 years. In the rest of the news people of the week, Beyoncé would be a new speaker after new photos !

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