Sophia Bush (The Brothers Scott), ready to find the love on tv, the rumor of the week !

The interpreter of Brooke Davis in The Brothers Scott, Sophia Bush, is single and would be willing to participate in a program of dating to find the love !

Sophia Bush is single since her split with Jesse Soffer of Chicago PD. The couple has indeed broken in 2015. Since then, the young woman is in search of a new love but still has not found a shoe to his foot. Sophia Bush, who confided to being married with Chad Michael Murray after pressure, would start to really feel alone and would like to be recaser. The actress would be hopeless ! As she said recently on the set of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to search for love on the subway, she would have found a way much more radical to dig a new boyfriend. In fact, Sophia Bush would be in the process of developing a program of dating that she would be the star to find its half. This is the rumor of the week !

One is never better served than by oneself ! Sophia Bush, who testified with an open heart about her sexual assault by Mark Schwahn Brothers Scott, would have thought to create a television program where she could meet with several suitors and maybe meet the man of her life. According to a source at the magazine OK!, the actress would in fact be ready to do anything to put himself in a couple ! However, if this rumor has stirred the Canvas, it would be completely false. Representatives of Sophia Bush have already firmly denied these speculations. The interpreter of Brooke Davis likes her privacy and does not display his love life on tv. If, for the moment, the young woman still has not found love, there is no doubt that it will shortly meet her prince charming !

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