SOS Mediterranean “calls on all european States to take their responsibilities,”

The president of SOS Mediterranean, Sophia Beautiful Monday called “all of the european countries to take their responsibilities” to find a safe port to ship humanitarian Aquarius that has helped 141 people on Friday.

Aquarius “is in a position between Malta and the Italian island of Lampedusa”, indicated to the AFP Mrs. Beautiful of which, the humanitarian organization has already had two “official responses negative” of the part of Malta and Italy.

“We ask all european States to find a solution. They are called to take up their responsibility to find a safe port in the Mediterranean”, added Ms. Beautiful according to which the current situation is “in contradiction of the most complete with the international law of the sea, and all of this is done on the backs of people in danger.”

Other “perverse effect of the non-management” of this humanitarian problem by the States, “survivors have told us that five vessels are passed without stopping”, condemns the president of SOS Mediterranean.

“And today there is no ship in the area of distress, we are very worried”.

During two operations on Friday, the Aquarius has recovered 141 people off the libyan coast, of which half are children and one third of women, according to Ms Beautiful.

“Libya is not a”safe harbor

In the morning of Friday, the boat was recovered 25 migrants aboard a small boat in wood.

In the afternoon, the ship humanitarian has rescued 116 people, including 67 unaccompanied minors, primarily from Somalia and Eritrea who were on a wooden boat, “overloaded”, without food or water.

“The coast guard, which ensured the rescue told us that he could not give us a safe port. Libya is not a safe port,” said Ms. Nice.

Sunday, a boat carrying 11 people which had been sailing in areas malta finally fell down between the maltese and the Italian area. It has been supported by the Italian coast guard, has indicated the president of SOS Mediterranean.

In June, the Aquarius had recovered 630 migrants off the coast of Libya. But Italy and Malta had refused to let them disembark. The odyssey of the ship was completed in the Spanish port of Valencia. The Aquarius is then stayed a month in a technical stopover in Marseille.

On Saturday, the Italian minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, boss of the League (far right), said that the Aquarius, “the property of a German shipowner with a flag of Gibraltar”, “would never see an Italian port”.

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