Spotify Wrapped 2021 latest news – Fans furious as thousands complain app is crashing and yearly review not working

SPOTIFY fans were left fuming as they complained they couldn’t access the company’s Wrapped feature as it launched on the app yesterday.

Twitter was flooded with angry complaints and questions about Spotify Wrapped as some users could easily access it, while others experienced major issues.

One user tweeted: “Hello Spotify i want to complain about my wrapped stories not working like they should.”

An second angry fan said: “My Spotify wrapped still not working, it reaches the 7 spot and then stop working please”, while another lambasted: “So annoyed that my Spotify wrapped is not working.”

To access the feature on a desktop, go to and click “Start” to view the overall roundup.

If you want to see your personal Spotify Wrapped you’ll need to use the feature on the app.

Read our Spotify Wrapped live blog below for the latest news and updates…


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