Stacey Dooley rages after being called out for calling Nigel Farage ‘attractive’

STACEY Dooley has clapped back at Twitter users after she was slammed for describing Nigel Farage as “attractive” on Sunday.

Stacey, 31, and Nigel, 55, hit headlines when she appeared to support the Brexit party leader during her appearance on The Andrew Marr Show.

Stacey Dooley has clapped back at Twitter users who accused her of praising Nigel Farage

Stacey Dooley has clapped back at Twitter users who accused her of praising Nigel Farage[/caption]

The Strictly winner was invited on the politics show with journalist Sarah Vine and Ella Whelan of Spiked, and was accused of praising the former UKIP leader for his straight-talking attitude.

Stacey said: “That’s exactly why people find him so attractive. He’s very concise, he’s very clear, he’s very transparent – whether you agree with him or fundamentally disagree, you know where he stands.”

But she later insisted his policies “are not for me” and lashed out at people for “jumping on soundbites” when viewers challenged her on Twitter.

One person said: “Wow, Stacy for a government post in the future BoJo Farage UK”

Stacey snapped: “Not in a million years… Neither speak to me, I was simply stating SOME people find him clear, concise and honest about what he wants…”

Nigel Farage hit headlines today when surprise admirer Stacey called him ‘attractive’
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Stacey was criticised earlier this year for her ‘white saviour’ post

She added: “I couldn’t be any clearer that Farage is not for me, but you can’t ignore that others are drawn to him.. he’s gathering momentum again and we are allowed to speculate as to why that may be….x

“This is why people swerve engaging in important conversations…because there are always people trying to find sound bites and take them out of context…x”

When another Twitter user accused her of praising Farrage and Stacey sniped: “Why do you do this? Why do you deliberately try and mislead? I wasn’t praising him, and you know I wasn’t.

“I even say ‘they’’s clear I’m referring to how others perceive him.”

Ugandan High Commissioner Julian Peter Moto said their government is uncomfortable with charity workers using young local children on social media

Back in March, Stacey was accused of “promoting unhelpful stereotypes” when she shared pictures of herself holding a black baby in Uganda for Comic Relief.

MP David Lammy claimed “many black Brits feel deeply uncomfortable with Comic Relief’s poverty porn”.

Ugandan High Commissioner Julian Peter Moto also admitted their government had been trying to move away from charity workers using children on social media.

Whilst many social media users accused her of using the child for a “photo op”.

Mr Lammy said: “Comic Relief has a huge platform and privilege and it is the first and major way children learn about Africa. If they only show Africans as helpless victims to be pitied, children miss the broader picture of huge progress in Africa.

“Comic Relief should be helping to establish an image of African people as equals … It would therefore be better for people who actually live there to speak about the continent they know.”

But the Strictly champ hit back at the North London MP and asked if the issue was that she was white and that he “should go over there and try to raise awareness”.

Comic Relief then waded in on the Red Nose race row and accused Mr Lammy, 46, of ignoring requests to help them in Africa and the offer’s “still open”.

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