Stacey Solomon is getting ‘bin-shamed’ by her neighbours as she leaves rubbish to pile up outside her home for two weeks

STACEY Solomon jokes she’s getting “bin-shamed” by her neighbours after leaving rubbish to pile up outside her home for two weeks. 

Peeking through her blinds and looking out at the bins, Stacey, 31, confessed to her Instagram followers that her rubbish hadn’t been collected for a while. 


The mum of three joked she was being ‘bin shamed’ by her neighbours[/caption]

Filming herself looking out of the window of their Essex home, the mum-of-three revealed she was worried she’s being “bin-shamed” by her neighbours. 

The Loose Women panelist said she’s going to start policing the rubbish to make sure her fiancé Joe Swash and the kids aren’t throwing things in the wrong bin bags.

Sharing a video, Stacey says: “I am being bin-shamed.”

“Our rubbish hasn’t been collected for a couple of weeks. I’m assuming something in there isn’t in the right bag, and oh my God the looks.


Stacey told her fans she was ‘ashamed’ of herself and feels she needs ‘800’ wheelie bins[/caption]

Stacey Solomon/Instagram

Stacey admitted she feels like they have even more rubbish than usual[/caption]

“I can’t take the bin judgement. I’ve had to shut the blinds. Two wheelie bins is not enough.”

Stacey went on: “I’m actually ashamed myself. For some reason, I feel like we have more rubbish than ever at the moment with the kids at home..

“And no one is sticking to the bloody bin rules so our rubbish isn’t being collected.

“And it’s bringing me down. I need to get so strict with the bin rules and then get out there and find the contamination and re-sort all the rubbish.


Stacey thanked fans for making her feel better about her bins[/caption]

Stacey with fancé Joe, her two boys Leighton and Zachary, and their son Rex

I also need to buy more wheelie bins because one for the garden and one for general isn’t cutting it. I need about 800.”

Stacey, who got engaged to partner Joe Swash on Christmas Eve last year, later revealed to her followers that she’s taken control of the situation and ordered another wheelie bin. 

She added: “I’ve ordered more wheelie bins and I’m going to give the council a ring tomorrow”.

Clearly hitting upon a familiar problem with her followers, the former X Factor star thanked fans for all their messages of support over her bin crisis. 


Fans of the show are convinced Stacey is really the Sausage[/caption]


Stacey told her fans Joe thinks she’s the Sausage on The Masked Singer[/caption]

She added: “I’ve never felt so relieved to know so many of you have the same problem.

“Not being alone in anything is the best feeling.”

In the video Stacey also went to great lengths to tell her fans that she was NOT the Sausage on the Masked Singer

The reality star revealed on Sunday night that her fiancé Joe actually stopped speaking to her after he became convinced that she is the Sausage and hadn’t told him.

Filming herself in the kitchen with Joe in the background, Stacey took to her Instagram stories to expose his incredulity.

She said: “I just need to take a moment to appreciate that he’s actually not talking to me because he thinks I’m the Sausage on The Masked Singer and I just haven’t told him. What the hell?”

One bit in the latest clues package alluding to Sausage’s real identity, leading Joe to believe it was Stacey in the costume.

When he pressed for more information, Stacey tried to convince him that she was not the sausage.


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