Stacey Solomon reveals on Loose Women her boobs ‘bang’ on her chest after growing to 34H during pregnancy


STACEY Solomon is often praised for speaking openly, and revealed on Loose Women her boobs “bang” against her body if she doesn’t wear a bra.

The panellist, 28, ditched her bra on the show following the advice of fellow panellist Kaye Adams, who said she regularly lets her breasts hang free.


Stacey Solomon ditched her bra on Loose Women at the advice of fellow panellist Kaye Adams[/caption]

Stacey said she was happy to ditch her underwear for the ITV show, but she wouldn’t do it in public due to the size of them.

The Fabulous columnist, who is dating actor Joe Swash, revealed her boobs grew to 34H when she was pregnant with her second child, and said they are now “heavy”.

The mum-of-two said: “I feel slightly conscious, however, I do like not wearing a bra but I couldn’t walk around like it, and that’s not because I’m embarrassed about the difference in not wearing a bra, I think they look fine…

“It’s because they’re quite large and they make me feel uncomfortable when I walk because they bang, they’re heavy!”


Stacey revealed her boobs ‘bang’ against her body without underwear[/caption]


Staceys aid her cup size grew to 34H when she was pregnant with her second child[/caption]

The panellist pointed out on the show it might be easier for Kaye, 55, to go bra-less as she has a small cup size that stays in the right spot on her chest, as opposed to “hanging” due to the weight.

Stacey, who is a mum to sons Zach, 10, and Leighton, six, from two previous relationships, was open about her insecurities.

She explained: “I do think that the smaller, perkier boob with no bra is a look, it’s a fashionable look, whereas the large, slightly saggy, moving around boob without a bra is not a look, is it?

“I do think people would look at my breasts more than a person whose breasts are stuck where their bra would be anyway.”

It’s not the only honest admission she’s made on Loose Women.

Stacey admitted this week she feels like she is dating her dad when she’s lying in bed with Joe Swash.

The Loose Women star made her hilarious confession on the show, when they talked about women who partner up with men that look like their fathers.


Fabulous Stacey is a mum to sons Zach, 10, and Leighton, six[/caption]

Speaking about her dad David and boyfriend Joe, 36, panellist Stacey, 28, said: “I have found my dad as my partner.

“It’s so creepy, they’ve almost got parallel lives.  They grew up in the same area, they lost their dads at the same age, they have the same character.”

In a recent column for Fabulous, Stacey revealed she is preparing to move in with Joe Swash and discovered he stains every surface with fake tan.

Stacey previously revealed the reason she is happy to give her hairy legs an airing on holiday.

And she revealed she has tried Botox and why she would never do it again.


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