Stalker who called himself Batman sent businesswoman gifts including a dog chew and stapler

A STALKER who called himself Batman bombarded a fishmonger with flowers, presents and texts after her personal details were left on a dating website.

Divorced dad-of-one Darren Burrows, 52, refused to reveal his real identity as he sent Hayley Taylor dozens of unwanted gifts including a drone, bubble bath and a mermaid.

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Hayley Taylor, 46, was stalked by 52-year-old steel worker Darren Burrows – a man she had never met[/caption]

He got her details off a man in the pub who found Hayley, 46, on the dating site.

Burrows discovered where she lived and worked to continue his campaign of harassment and started sending explicit pictures of his privates.

But when she rejected his advances the steel worker began threatening her and called her a “slut” and a “cheap f**k”.

Despite Burrows of Tyldesley, Wigan, being described as having a “twisted view” on relationships and a history of similar offences, he avoided jail.

Hayley, who runs a fishmongers in Urmston, Greater Manchester, said she found Burrows “very creepy” and “mentally unstable”.


She said: “The stalking and harassment has made me ill and I now suffer from anxiety from the constant unwanted contact.”

Hayled added: “He makes me feel scared and I always wonder what he will do next.”

Burrows began messaging Hayley in August last year but she blocked him on her phone after he sent her a picture of his bottom and penis.

But he started messaging her from a different number and sent flowers and gifts to her workplace.

One box contained a drone, a music CD, bubble bath, a stapler and pet treats, while another had biscuits, gin and a dog chew.

She repeatedly told him to stop the campaign of harassment until he told her to “get f***ed” on September 18 and she called the police.

Burrows was eventually arrested and admitted stalking.

Matthew Wallace, defending, said Burrows “describes himself as living in a fantasy at the time” and was “thinking something was going on when it wasn’t”.

Sentencing him, District Judge Mark Hadfield said it was “bizarre conduct” which “causes me great concern”.

Burrows was handed a 16-week sentence suspended for a year and ordered to complete 100 hours unpaid work.

Cavendish Press

Darren Burrows was given a 16-week sentence, suspended for a year[/caption]

Cavendish Press

Hayley, 46, said of Burrows’ continual contact, ‘the harassment made me ill’[/caption]

Cavendish Press

Bizarrely, one of the gifts Burrows sent Hayley was a statue of a mermaid[/caption]

Cavendish Press

Burrows was reportedly given Hayley’s details by a man in a pub[/caption]

Cavendish Press

Fishmonger Hayley called the cops when Burrows’ message became threatening[/caption]


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