Starbucks staff reveal the questions they hate being asked by customers – and there’s NO secret menu

STARBUCKS baristas have lifted the lid on what it is really like working at the famous coffee chain – including there being no secret menu. 

The baristas have revealed answers to the questions they are fed-up with getting from interested Starbucks lovers. 

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Starbucks baristas have anonymously revealed the most frustrating questions they get asked by customers[/caption]

Speaking on Reddit’s Starbucks Baristas forum, anonymous baristas said the most frustrating question they receive is about the secret menu. 

One said staff aren’t trained to do anything not on the official menu, so if you request a special drink you’ve seen online, they will likely not know what to do. 

They wrote: “‘Can I get [secret menu drinks]?’ Without a recipe, expecting us to know what it is. We have no idea what it is.”

Another Starbucks worker said this is similar when people ask for an obscure “TikTok drink.”


A barista ruined many Starbucks fans dreams by saying the secret menu doesn’t exist[/caption]

Meanwhile, others said that people who request “healthy” or Keto options, are also not going to be in luck. 

They explained: “If you’re trying to be Keto, Starbucks shouldn’t be your first option unless you just want a black coffee, 90 percent of our drinks are loaded with sugar.”

Another gripe baristas have is when customers ask for their opinion on a drink or sandwich. 

They added: “This is my personal opinion, but I don’t like chocolate or eggs or cheese and nine times out of 10 I only drink refreshers so I don’t like when people ask me to describe what our lattes taste like or how do the sandwiches taste because I don’t have an answer for them except ‘Well I don’t like them but it’s pretty popular’.”

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Some baristas said they dislike having to recommend customers drinks, as they often complain afterwards[/caption]

Someone else agreed, adding: “I hate when people ask me if a drink is good because I feel like I could get in trouble if I say ‘Oh no I don’t like it!’

“So I just say I haven’t tried it and that we sell it quite a bit.”

This was a similar annoyance to when customers ask baristas to surprise them with their favourite item on the menu. 

One worker explained: “‘Can you surprise me with your favourite drink!’ Then I do… and they hate it, get annoyed/mad at me, and want a refund… like… you asked.”

Others said they dislike the personal requests they get, with one person making them redo a glass of water multiple times as they didn’t like the amount of ice it contained.

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Meanwhile, Costa Coffee’s Christmas drinks menu includes Quality Street latte and After Eight hot chocolate.


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