Steelers v Browns: Huge brawl erupts at NFL after Cleveland’s Garrett smashes Pittsburgh QB Rudolph with his own helmet

A HUGE brawl broke out near the end of Thursday night’s NFL game between the Browns and the Steelers – which saw Pittsburg quarterback Mason Rudolph smashed over the head with his own helmet.

The incident is likely to see the Browns lose their best defensive player, Myles Garrett, after he ripped off Rudolph’s helmet and struck him with it in the final seconds.


The brawl saw Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph smashed with his own helmet by Browns defensive end Myles Garrett[/caption]

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Players from both teams spilled onto the field as part of the melee toward the end of the game[/caption]

In the wild scenes, players from both teams then spilled onto the field as part of the melee, which was caused by an incident just seconds earlier.

On a meaningless play towards the end of a game that the Browns had in the bag, defensive end Garrett wrestled Rudolph to the ground after a short pass had been completed.

The Steelers quarterback then got his hands on Garrett’s helmet and the players grappled on the ground.

Garrett, however, to take the brawl one step further, yanking the helmet off Rudolph once he was back to his feet.

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Before Rudolph was struck, the pair wrestled on the ground[/caption]

AP:Associated Press

The brawl broke out after Rudolph had been hit by Garrett after a the quarterback completed a short pass on a meaningless play[/caption]

The defensive end wildly swung at the quarterback with his Steelers helmet, hitting him on the head.

This caused the helmet-less Rudolph to throw his hands in the air in disbelief.

Rudolph’s teammate Maurkice Pouncey then kicked Garrett, and Browns defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi also became involved.

All three we ejected from the game, which the Browns won, 21-7.

Both Garrett and Pouncey now face likely suspensions.

Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said immediately after the game: “The reality is he’s going to get suspended, we don’t know how long, and that’s going to hurt our team.”

Odell Beckham Jr., the Browns wide receiver, looked at footage of the brawl after the game.

He told NFL Network: “It’s ugly. It’s not something we want in the NFL.”

Browns coach Freddie Kitchen said: “Myles is very upset about it. He’s got to maintain his composure.”


The Browns went on to win the game, with Garrett expected receive a suspension[/caption]


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