Stéphane Bern : he is not a fan of the look of Brigitte Macron, and give fashion tips

The one who is an expert on the royalty is a close friend of Brigitte Macron. Yet, even if the two characters often find themselves to dinner in head-to-head, Stéphane Bern is not really a fan of the look of Brigitte Macron. At least, on a specific detail. In a portrait done by the magazine Vanity Fair, the announcer said that he had considerable discussions with the wife of the president. The two friends talk about all the subjects. And sometimes, the style of dress of the First lady debate. Indeed, sir “kingship” of the public service do not hesitate to make fun of skirts and dresses from the wife ofEmmanuel Macron. It calls into question the length of the latter. The person concerned said that he would prefer to adopt dresses and skirts slightly longer. Is about 5 centimeters, even if, he admits, Brigitte Macron has very nice legs.

Then you are of his opinion ? Or, on the contrary, you’re a fan of the modern look of Brigitte Macron ?

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Brigitte Macron is a First lady stylish, the proof is in the 30 looks !

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