Stepmum and sister cheating me out of my dad’s will and I’m worried about my finances

DEAR DEIDRE: MY stepmum and sister are cheating me out of what my dad wanted to leave me.

I am a 44-year-old guy. Dad’s second wife created a vendetta towards me, which I believe was to secure her future when his health deteriorated.

Stepmum and sister cheating me out of what dad wanted to leave me
Stepmum and sister cheating me out of what dad wanted to leave me
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I believe my older sister was an executor and had control of his finances. But she won’t respond to any phone messages or written requests for a copy of the will.

He did not register his will online and I don’t know the solicitor he used. So far I have written to 20 local firms.

But I have had no success and cannot ­afford to pay for a ­solicitor myself.

My dad told some family members he was leaving something to me and I know he would want me to have it as I have a lot of money worries.

DEIDRE SAYS: This case highlights how important it is to make and register a will.

If your dad just left an informal statement of his wishes, though, that can have legal standing. But it is hard to enforce if your sister and stepmum will not respond.

Citizens Advice offers free advice. See

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