Strictly Come Dancing 2021 latest – Fans FUME at Z-list lineup as launch show sees lowest EVER viewer ratings

STRICTLY fans have been left fuming at the show’s lineup, claiming they haven’t got a clue who any of the stars are.

Taking to social media, one fan said “Its still an enjoyable show but in need of a revamp and people the public have heard of. A chef’s daughter is not a celebrity”.

Another replied “Hardly a soul on it that I recognised. All the more interesting and character filled Pros have been binned”.

And it seems viewers are switching off in droves, with this years launch attracting the lowest-ever number of viewers since the show’s relaunch in 2010, according to the Mirror.

However, source told the paper that the reason for Strictly’s plunging viewers could be down to people enjoying the last of the sunshine.

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