Strictly Come Dancing 2021 latest – Fans FURIOUS at ‘soft’ judges as Katie McGlynn exit sparks demand for huge changes

LIVID Strictly Come Dancing fans have begged BBC bosses to come up with a way to stop spoilers from leaking online ahead of Sunday’s results show.

The results are pre-recorded after Saturday’s live show, and reveal which two acts landed in the bottom two – and who has gone home.

However, this does not air until the following evening, meaning that some viewers accidentally stumble across spoilers online due to leaks.

Meanwhile, some have accused the show’s judges of “going soft”.

Writing in the Telegraph, TV critic Michael Hogan said: “By getting carried away with the occasion and reaching for their maximum paddles so soon, the judges have left themselves nowhere to go.

“There are still 10 live shows to go in this 13-week series. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. How can they reward hard work and improvement if they’re dishing out maximum scores before we’re even a quarter of the way through?”

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