Suez Canal: Ever Given mega vessel STILL stuck with dredging experts to be called in as latest effort to free ship fails

ATTEMPTS to refloat the stranded mega-vessel Ever Given, which is blocking the Suez Canal, have failed.

Bernhard Schulte Ship management (BSM) said the Dutch rescue team had confirmed that two additional tugs will arrive on March 28 to assist in refloating the ship.

Meanwhile, maritime traffic jam has grown to more than 200 vessels outside the Suez Canal entrance, and some vessels began changing course as dredgers worked frantically to free a giant container ship that is stuck sideways in the waterway and disrupting global shipping.

One salvage expert said freeing the cargo ship could take days in the best-case scenario and warned of possible structural problems on the vessel as it remains wedged.

Others feared it could be weeks to free the merchant vessel which is a big as the Empire State Building and is reportedly causing about £6.5billion worth of goods every day it remains embedded in the canal wall.

Europe could face shortages as a result.

Vessels have the option to divert around the southern tip of Africa – but this would increase journey times and costs substantially.

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