Disguised Tank WW2 Truck British North Africa Sunshield Op. Bertram (24 Photos)

Amazed Nazi-mother-F*ckers…it’s a tank

When the US entered WW2, they began by invading Northern Africa. 1) the Germans didn’t value the location (like they did France or Russia), so the resistance they put up was relatively minimal. 2) the US also wanted to secure the oil fields there, recognizing their importance for a sustainable supply chain across the Atlantic. Again – another error on the Germans….

Anyway, the jeeps at the time didn’t have windshields. Just, because they didn’t. When the Germans saw this, they started stringing up barb wire randomly across roads at neck level, relative to the driver / passengers. It worked.

When my Grandpa (repair welder and anti-aircraft gunner in the navy) heard the reports, he traded some cheese cloth he was given (the cheese went bad by the time he got it) with local camel jockies for scrap metal. He then welded posts / guards onto the front of the jeeps in his spare time.

Word has it he was credited for saving a bunch of lives.

Well done Grandpa!

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