Surrey train ‘killer’ gave cops slip when lover picked him up in car as he fled scene of frenzied attack after death of dad, 51

A MAN held over a fatal train stabbing is thought to have given cops the slip at first as his lover picked him up in her car.

Dad Lee Pomeroy, 51, was killed in a frenzied attack during a bust-up with a stranger – a day before his 52nd birthday.

Lee Pomeroy has been named as the 51-year-old dad killed on the train
Man held over a fatal train stabbing is thought to have given cops the slip at first as his lover picked him up in her car
Police car outside the property officers swooped on early Saturday after the frenzied train attack
David Dyson – The Sun

The man is believed to have left a trail of the victim’s blood as he fled.

Lee’s 14-year-old son sat with his dying father on the platform.

The killer’s blood was found smeared on a fence near the railway station he ran from following the killing of Lee Pomeroy.

He is also said to have dropped a bloodied hat in nearby woods.

The dad-of-one was described as an ‘honourable man’ by his family

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Police outside the property where the raid took place on Saturday[/caption]

Police at the scene on Willbury Road, Farnham
Forensics officers were at the house in Farnham
David Dyson

Lee and his killer accidentally bumped into each other when they boarded the train — dad Lee with his 14-year-old boy. Father and son were on a day trip to central London at lunchtime on Friday.

Sources say that after a row lasting several minutes on the Surrey to London Waterloo service, the suspect pulled out a knife and slashed Lee in the neck and body.

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Cop at Horsley station in Surrey where victim was found stabbing after frenzied attack
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The culprit got off at the next stop, the rural Surrey rail station of Clandon, and is then said to have called a female friend on his phone.

She collected the suspect in her car from a woodland spot on the edge of the village and drove him away.

Cops carried out a dawn raid on the home of a woman 15 miles away in Farnham.

A man aged 35 was arrested on suspicion of Lee’s murder and led away in handcuffs. He was being held in custody.

Mr Pomeroy’s body was taken away from the station
London News Pictures

London News Pictures

The blood-spattered carriage remained at the station for investigation on Saturday[/caption]

Forensics officers at the scene at Horsley station in Surrey
SWNS:South West News
Mr Pomeroy was knifed to death on a South Western train to London
SWNS:South West News

Computer programmer Lee, who lived with Russian-born wife Svetlana and their son in a £500,000 house in Guildford, was due to have celebrated his 52nd birthday.

It is understood the arrested man mainly divides his time between living in London and with the 27-year-old woman in Farnham.

The suspect is believed to have been returning to the capital after spending several days visiting the young mum.

A Vauxhall Corsa is removed by forensic teams outside the home in Farnham where the two people were arrested
Commissioned by The Sun
A light blue Vauxhall Corsa car was forensically examined by cops outside the housing association property
David Dyson – The Sun
Cops had swooped on the home two detain the pair
David Dyson – The Sun

A woman was arrested on suspicion of assisting an offender. A light blue Vauxhall Corsa car was forensically examined by cops outside the housing association property.

Saturday’s 6am swoop followed a dramatic “fast-time” investigation by British Transport Police, supported by Surrey colleagues.

Police with dogs had scoured the countryside around Clandon and a helicopter was scrambled in the hunt for the knifeman.

But by that time the suspect had already managed to slip the net.

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Floral tributes were left outside the station on Saturday morning[/caption]

London News Pictures

Police at Horsley station as the murder investigation enters its second day[/caption]

The train was intercepted by police and paramedics at Horsley station
Police forensics at the scene of the crime in Horsley on Friday evening
London News Pictures
How the horror unfolded

Cops issued a description of a black male, 6ft tall, and wearing dark clothing and white trainers, who was seen on a private road in Clandon and dropping the bloodied hat.

The breakthrough is said to have come when footage from CCTV was examined and showed a car turning up in the area within a short time of the killing. The vehicle’s details were checked and led to the arrests.

Cops have also obtained video of Lee with his son getting on the train at Guildford’s London Road station. Further CCTV images have also been obtained showing the confrontation between Lee and his killer on board the train.


Forensics officers continue to work at the scene[/caption]

The station remains cordoned off by police
PA:Press Association
The dad was knifed in front of his 14-year-old son
London News Pictures
Cops and paramedics halted the train at Horsley
Forensics officers combed the carriages for evidence
Sky News

Cops said the pair moved into another carriage away from Lee’s son as the row continued before the dad was killed.

British Transport Police’s Detective Chief Inspector Sam Blackburn said: “In the moments leading to the violent killing, both men appeared to be involved in an altercation lasting three minutes.

“Nothing justified the extraordinary violence that followed and we are concentrating our efforts on the ongoing investigation.”

Superintendent Paul Langley spoke at the scene

Lee’s son came across his dying father in the next carriage as the train pulled into Horsley station, the next stop after Clandon on South Western Railway’s New Guildford Line. A witness has described frantically trying to save the victim’s life after arriving at Horsley station to catch a train.

Lee had been moved to the platform and the man, who asked not to be named, said: “He was conscious at that point and because I know first aid I wanted to help.

“A British Transport Police officer arrived and was talking to him but he stopped breathing so I ran to get a defibrillator.

“When I came back, I put that on his chest while the officer did CPR and then the paramedics arrived after about five minutes and took over.

“I didn’t know anything had happened when I went over but I saw his hands were all bloody and someone told me he’d been stabbed. A guard was holding a jumper to his neck and he had a few slashes on his abdomen so it was clear he had been stabbed a few times.

“His son was there and looked calm, like he was in shock or something. He was on the phone to the ambulance but it was like he didn’t know what had happened — it was horrific.

“There was a lot of blood and a woman who I think saw what had happened was stood on the platform crying.

“I just wanted to help so I didn’t think of the consequences but it was horrible when I later discovered he had died.”

Family's tribute to victim

LEE Pomeroy’s devastated wife Svetlana and their ­teenage son were being comforted by relatives and friends as the family ­condemned his murder as an “horrific and pointless attack”.

In a statement released through police yesterday, they said Lee was “an honourable man and would always help somebody who was in trouble”.

Lee and his wife ran a computer business from their home in Guildford.

The family statement said: “Lee took his son on a trip to London hoping to spend some quality time with him, which was cut short by an horrific and pointless attack.

“Lee would have had his birthday today but did not get to see his presents.”

They said of Lee: “He was an honest, bright person, who loved music very much.

“He knew history and art and he was a bachelor of ­science in maths.

“Lee was a devoted family man and did everything for his family.

“He was an honourable man and would always help somebody who was in trouble.

“Lee was a loving husband and father. He will be deeply missed by all his family.”

Meanwhile, shocked villagers at Horsley left flowers at the railway ­station where Lee was pronounced dead after efforts by paramedics and police failed to save him.

Rev Philip Herrington, of St Mary’s Church, West Horsley, was one of those who brought flowers as a gesture of sadness and respect.

He took up his role in December 2015, arriving in the parish with his wife and young family.

Rev Herrington said: “I thought I’d come and bring some flowers because you don’t really expect anything like this to happen, not in a place like this, not on a ­midday train.

“It’s totally lamentable what happened and it is particularly so for the young son to have witnessed what he ­witnessed.”

Rev Herrington also spoke to British Transport Police at the scene after the distressing incident on Friday and was on hand to comfort distraught passengers on board the train.

He added: “Those British Transport police officers were pretty shocked at what they’d seen as well.”

The boy was comforted by train staff and other passengers and later questioned gently by police about what he had seen in the build-up to the killing.

Grant Christy, a neighbour who saw the suspect arrested, said: “This morning I saw lots of police around here and them leading him out.

“He was in handcuffs, she wasn’t, she was carrying the child.”

He added: “It was around six in the morning. They smashed the door down, woke me up immediately, obviously.

“Initially I just heard the banging. Sounded like someone trying to kick the door in, that’s what it sounded like to start with.

“And then I jumped out of bed, put my ear to the door, listened to what was going on.

“Then I heard the police shouting, ‘Put your hands up, turn around’, all that sort of thing and then it went quiet.”

Det Chief Insp Blackburn said police still wanted to hear from anyone who was on the 12.58 service from Guildford to Waterloo.

He added: “This is a fast-moving investigation and I am pleased that overnight we were able to arrest a man following a huge amount of police enquiries.

“We are continuing our appeal for information and I would urge anyone who was on board the train to contact us as soon as possible.

“Even if you did not witness the assault, it is vitally important we speak with you. Likewise, if you have any dashcam footage of the Clandon area after 1pm yesterday, we would like to hear from you.”



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