Susanna Reid reveals she doesn’t miss booze at all after being teetotal for seven months but Piers Morgan thinks she’s a ‘bore’

SUSANNA Reid revealed she feels better than ever after seven months of sobriety, but her Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan thinks she’s “the world’s biggest bore”.

The 49-year-old telly star gave up alcohol after a doctor warned she had a high body mass index (BMI) and is thrilled with the results.

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Susanna Reid revealed she feels better than ever after seven months of sobriety[/caption]

Speaking to The Sunday Times Style magazine, she said: “Seven months on my skin isn’t perfect but it’s clearer. And so is my head. I am sleeping better.

“I don’t have hangxiety. I don’t miss for a minute that feeling of fizzing in your body in the morning, which meant I couldn’t quiet relax the day after a big night.

“Piers Morgan thinks I’ve become the world’s biggest bore since I no longer want to stay up into the small hours fuelled by shots.”

Earlier this year Susanna revealed she had shed a stone and a half in body fat when she waved goodbye to “vodka shots” and “nice white wine” last summer.

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Susanna’s Good Morning Britain co-host Piers Morgan thinks she’s the world’s biggest bore[/caption]

Carrying excess weight, even if it’s just a little, has been linked to type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart disease and cancer and Susanna says she was warned of the risks by doctors.

She explained to Mail on Sunday’s Femail: “I love it. I used to love drinking — nice white wine, bubbles, prosecco.

“I used to love doing vodka shots last thing at night in the Groucho. I love margaritas.

“The only thing I didn’t like was red wine.”

Susanna Reid
Susanna ditched booze and follows a low carb diet – but doesn’t exercise – after being told her BMI was dangerously high
Susanna, pictured in 2017, before she was told to lose weight
Susanna, pictured in 2017, before she was told to lose weight
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The presenter admits she used to love wine and shots

Susanna also cut snacks from her diet and now orders a small pot of peanut butter, a sliced apple and a lot of coffee before she hosts GMB with Piers Morgan at 6am.

She eats a low-carb lunch around 9.30am before sleeping for two hours and the telly beauty added: “I do barely any exercise — the gym once every six weeks, maybe.”

The star used to love boozy nights out and trips to Ibiza with pal Judge Rinder, but she now prefers to join boyfriend Steve, 54, at the football.

Susanna Reid
Susanna lost a stone and a half in weight when she quit drinking alcohol
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She went on: “(Booze) adds the weight on.

“It wasn’t good for my skin and it’s not great for your memory and I just wasn’t willing to pay the price any more.”

Speaking about how Piers has handled her lifestyle change, the star added: “He’s constantly, ‘Oh, you’re no fun.

“Why don’t you just have a glass of wine, no-one will know.’”

Meanwhile, Susanna revealed she has no plans to marry Steve and it was never her “ambition” to get married.

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