Susanna Reid scolds Piers Morgan after he ‘swears’ live on air while slagging off John Cleese on Good Morning Britain

SUSANNA Reid scolded Piers Morgan on today’s Good Morning Britain after he swore during a rant about John Cleese.

Piers was furious the Monty Python legend had appeared on the show last week on a day when he wasn’t hosting.

Susanna Reid scolded Piers Morgan after he ‘swore’ while slamming John Cleese on today’s Good Morning Britain

Speaking on today’s show, Piers told Charlotte Hawkins: “By the way, really enjoyed your interview with John Cleese on Thursday last week.

As Charlotte corrected him it was actually Friday, Piers said: “What a complete and utter k*** he was.”

Even though he mouthed the first part of the word and only said out loud “ob”, Susanna looked shocked and scolded: “Excuse me there’s children watching.”

Unfazed, Piers continued: “Anyway next time when you’ve got something to say about the British media and how awful the media is and how awful the country is, come and do it when I’m here, show your face.

John appeared on Friday’s show to talk about his career, the countdown to Brexit and why he’s so fed up he’s leaving Britain
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“You gutless little weasel.”

When Charlotte said John was “leaving anyway”, Piers replied: “He keeps saying he’s leaving, what are you waiting for Cleese?

“I will literally take you in my Aston Martin, I’ll take you down the motorway, I’ll steer you through security and I’ll put you on a plane.

“Just stop moaning about the country, stop moaning about how awful it is here.

Piers mouthed a swear word to describe the Monty Python star

“He’s a gutless weasel, he sneaked in when he knew I wasn’t here.”

It isn’t the first time Piers has slammed John about his appearance on the show, calling him a “gutless weasel” on Twitter last week.

Piers and John fell out in 2015 after he wrote about seeing the Fish Called Wanda star at a New York restaurant.

He said: “I turned to my left and spied Cleese at the very next table. Literally two feet away.

“For one tiny nanosecond, our eyes locked in mutual shock, then equally mutual withering contempt.

“For the next two hours, we avoided all form of contact – physical, verbal, visual. It was magnificently British.”

Piers also called John a “gutless little weasel” and said he needed to stop moaning about Britain and the media

John then slammed Piers on Twitter: “Piers Morgan writes that I didn’t recognise him in a restaurant in New York.

“I did. I just didn’t want to speak to someone I truly detest.”

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