Sweet Anita helps launch campaign to raise £40,000 in a week by live-streaming games

A bunch of top UK game streamers are part of a plan to raise around £40,000 in a week for Make A Wish, a charity that helps critically ill children.

Launched with the help of a company called StreamElements, the campaign comes as they reveal a new set of fundraising tools any streamer can use.

Sweet Anita uses her game streams to raise awareness and understanding around mental health issues

It kicks off today, with top British streamers involved including  Sweet Anita, MrGregles, and makarimorph all involved.

With half a million followers, Sweet Anita suffers from Tourette’s, and attempts to educate viewers as she games.

The new tools mean you’ll be able to donate to charity directly through the streams themselves.

“With the growth of gaming and streaming-related wishes amongst our wish children, it is clear we need to be an active participant of this incredible community,” stated Michel Rudolphie, president and CEO of Make-A-Wish International.

StreamElements boss Doron Nir hopes that the campaign can help reach Generation Z kids who are used to being bombarded with messages from all sides.

“Make-A-Wish has been doing amazing things for children with critical illnesses for years, but with all of the internet noise it’s easy for the current generation to lose sight of this,” Nir says.

Who is taking part, and how do I watch?

A bunch of Twitch Partners are involved, and you can join them.

Taking part in the campaign are an established group of Twitch streaming Partners, including: P4wnyhof, Sweet Anita, Kaakmans, Makarimorph, MrGregles, KiwaPlay, Ron_Plays_Games, Paoloidolo, Hotted89, Kandyland, NymN, and JakeeYeXe.

In addition, the campaign is open to any other streamers who wish to support the cause.

To find participating streamers, visit the channels linked above, search Twitch using the #makeawish tag, or use the default filter for Charity streams.

Anita has verbal and physical tics from her Tourette’s, which can lead to some inappropriate outbursts as she plays

Earlier this year British game streamer Hbomberguy raised an incredible £225,000 for charity, smashing his original £4,000 goal.

Make-A-Wish do everything from sorting out trips to Disneyland to building extreme playhouses.

StreamElements are a relatively new company that focuses on creating tools for anyone looking to stream online.

Their tools include services for productions, monetisation and even helping engage with your audience.

The have a huge range of themes and associated doodads helping streamers grown their audiences and make better shows.

Make-A-Wish helped make 30,000 criticially ill kids’ dreams become real last year alone, bringing the total of kids helped up to 480,000.

How big is streaming?

TOP streamers internationally are making six- or seven-figure salaries.

Some of this comes directly from audience subscription fees, but a lot comes from brands who want to get their products in front of people they wouldn’t otherwise reach.

Known for its video game streams, as many people watch Twitch in the UK on any given day as watch all the BT Sport channels combined — and its reach is set to overtake Sky Sports soon if it hasn’t already.

You can watch it right now, for free, via the Twitch.tv website, or use the app to tune in on your phone, on a games consoles or even directly on your TV.

On average, every single person in the UK has watched five hours of content on Twitch this year so far, and that’s growing every day.

Part of the reason for that growth is people watching esports such as Overwatch League or League of Legends championships as professional players compete around the world for prizes in the millions.

A huge amount of it is individual streamers like the ones partnering with StreamElements here, though.

Some will have audiences in the hundreds of thousands, some in the dozens — but it all adds up.

It’s not just games either – Twitch provides a vision for the future of totally interactive reality TV.

The stream smashed its initial goal and was still going well over 24 hours after its planned end time

If you want to get into streaming, you could do worse than starting with a £3 All-Digital Xbox One S from Argos.

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