Sylvie Tellier: her secret to find the line after the birth

A few days ago, crazy love and pride, Sylvie Tellier had not resisted the temptation to post a photo of his third child. Seventy-two hours after the announcement of his birth, on 14 July last , the former Miss France has unveiled on his account Instagram a photo and by the same occasion the first name of its wonder: Romeo.

The one that blew the forty candles on the 28th of may last is definitely at the top of his form and shares his happiness with Laurent and his two children, Oscar (8 years old) and Margaux (3 years). What to make of jealous. Sylvie Tellier had to respond to the criticisms about her pregnancy.

Some people blamed her to do the sport while pregnant. Today these are probably the same people who admire its silhouette of a young girl, and ask her advice. The proud mother does not deprive of them. Good thanks it has folded at the game of questions and answers from his account Instagram. “I have not yet found my line but sport pregnant has allowed me to stay toned”, she entrusted. And to add: “After that, I recommend breastfeeding to give the best to baby and allows mom to recover two times faster”. But for as much attention to his line? “My philosophy, don’t get frustrated but know how to compensate. Basically, either you have the courage to do sports and you can eat what you like, or you don’t have the right to the gap !“. It was all very well understood, thanks…

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