Syria: nearly 250 dead in a series of suicide attacks of the ARS in the south (NGOS)

The coordinated attacks carried out on Wednesday by the group jihadist islamic State (EI) in the south of Syria have been nearly 250 deaths, according to a new assessment of the syrian Observatory Human rights (OSDH). The assault on several villages, coupled with the suicide bombings have taken place in the province of Soueida, controlled by the regime. The jihadists of the EI are present in a desert area in the north-east of this region with a majority druze, hitherto relatively untouched by the conflict that has ravaged Syria since 2011.

At least 45 jihadist have been killed

The balance sheet has been up since the attack Wednesday morning, claimed hours later by the AR. “It is now 246 dead, of which 135 civilians,” said the director of the Observatory, Rami Abdel Rahmane. The rest of the dead are fighters, pro-government and of the inhabitants who had taken up arms to defend their villages.

“The balance sheet amounts, of wounded civilians who have died and missing persons have been found dead,” added Mr. Abdel Rahmane to the AFP. At least 45 jihadists have been killed in the fighting that followed the attacks.

The media, syrian officials have confirmed the attacks, reports of dead and wounded in the city of Soueida and the neighboring villages, but have not resulted in balance sheet.

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