Tabbouleh {vegan}

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I apologize for this short week of absence, I was overwhelmed by the job, the children, friends to the house, the preparation of our vacation…I know more or give head

Fortunately it’s going to calm down a bit because the kids leave at Grandma’s during the month of July, I would have a bit of free time (or not, there are friends who land…rofl)

Today, I offer you a recipe simple and basic, ideal for the summer : A Tabbouleh

I show you?

taboulé {vegan}

You need

250g of semolina average

40g of raisins

400ml of boiling water

1/2 bell pepper (red here)

1 beautiful new onions (or red)

100g of cucumber

1 tomato

juice of 1 lemon

mint/persil (or other herb of your choice) about 2/3 beautiful handles

olive oil


taboulé {vegan}

First step, we put the couscous and raisins in a bowl

We add a drizzle of olive oil and mix

taboulé {vegan}

Then pouring boiling water over it

It covers and ask leave 5/7 minutes

taboulé {vegan}

Once the semolina is swollen, it details with the aid of a fork

taboulé {vegan}

We then take care to cut the onion, the cucumber, the tomato and the bell pepper into very small dice

Even too finely fresh herbs

And we add everything in the bowl

You mix gently

taboulé {vegan}

And to finish, add the lemon juice and the olive oil, salt and pepper according to taste

To remix one last time, and it is ready

taboulé {vegan}

And here is the result

Simple and effective

Bon Appetite !!

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