Take our quiz to find out what your social media accounts say about you

WHAT you post on social media might say more about you than you ever intended.

Comments on Twitter, photos on Instagram and likes on Facebook can say a lot about your personality.


Ed Sheeran posts everything on social media, from his music to his unusual tattoosTake our fun quiz to find out what sort of social media butterfly you really are.

Then check the results below, where we reveal which celeb you are most like — and psychologist Emma Kenny has her say too.

1. A friend posts snaps getting ready for a glam night out – a night you didn’t know about. You:

A) Like her post, then tweet about a homeless fundraising event you are thinking of going to.

B) Post a picture from a recent holiday captioned #DreamWeekend.

C) Like her post, adding that you are at a restaurant but could meet for a drink later.

D) Like and comment wishing her a fab night.

E) Privately message her, asking why you weren’t invited.

F) Spend the evening looking at who she tagged in the post and WhatsApping mutual friends to see if they were invited.

2. A friend you meant to call for months posts a cryptic tweet about “letting go and moving on”. You:

A) Post a quote about how real friendship stands the test of time.

B) Post a picture of a recent night out, tagging all pals who were there.

C) Post a picture of yourself with pals from the gym, suggesting you have new friends too.

D) Message your friend to check she is OK and ask her if she wants to meet up soon.

E) Message asking her if you did anything wrong.

F) Go through her social media to see if you could have offended her somehow.


Kerry Katona shares many of her personal moments on social media but the star’s reality can be very different from her posts[/caption]

3. You get a selfie with a singer you love but feel you don’t look your best in it.  You:

A) Post it anyway — to show you are a real fan.

B) Slap on a filter, then post it “@” the celeb, using as many of their hashtags as you can.

C) Crop and filter the picture to within an inch of its life before posting it.

D) Post it as it is. Who cares if you don’t look perfect?

E) Post it, making sure you tag everyone else you know who likes the star’s music.

F) Don’t post it publicly but make sure you send it via WhatsApp to close friends.

4. Looking at social media mostly makes you feel:

A) Like lots of people need to be educated.

B) As if everyone else’s life is better and happier than yours.

C) As if you need to post more pictures to compete.

D) OK — your life and your feed are honest.

E) You are not popular enough. Everyone seems to get more likes than you do.

F) Envious of your ex.

Victoria Beckham likes to share photos of her perfect family life on social media

5. When did you last take a selfie?

A) Last time there was an awareness push like #NoMakeUpSelfie.

B) Today, from bed, telling everyone you were about to hit “snooze” when really you were ready to go.

C) To show off your weight loss following a three-day detox.

D) Last month, after being caught in the rain, when you used the hashtag #NoFilter.

E) On your birthday, when you got loads of likes.

F) You haven’t . . . ever.

Check out how you fared…

Mostly As


Lily Allen, 33, talks about Brexit, immigration and feminism.

Emma says: “They see social media as a soapbox but if challenged, could block people rather than engage in argument.”

Mostly Bs


Kerry Katona, 37, shows off her weight loss, her hot new man, her amazing hair.

But often the reality can be very different.

Emma says: “They won’t ask for help and can end up isolated.”

Mostly Cs


Victoria Beckham, 44, loves showing off her family’s perfect life.

Emma says: “They want others to be envious of their life.

But they could be making people feel inadequate in the process.”

Mostly Ds


Ed Sheeran, 27, had a social media detox in 2015.

He posts pics of everything from his music to his cat.

Emma says: “They know when to put down their phone and focus on the moment.”

Mostly Es


Katie Hopkins, 43, will light a spark then constantly check back for fireworks.

Emma says: “They like to cause a stir with unpopular opinions.

For them, any attention is better than none.”

Mostly Fs


Made In Chelsea’s Sam Thompson, 25, admits stalking exes via fake Instagram profiles.

Emma says: “We all spy on others online but it becomes an issue when you start to live in the shadows.”


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