Tamer Hassan threatens to break into Love Island and kidnap Anton if he upsets his daughter Belle

HOLLYWOOD hardman Tamer Hassan is threatening to parachute into the Love Island villa to confront Anton if he dares mess with his daughter Belle.

Despite being one of the best gangsters on the big screen, Tamer has faced his toughest test yet after watching Scottish hunk Anton brag about getting excited in bed as beautiful Belle scratched his back.

Nick Obank – The Sun

Tamer Hassan promises to parachute into Love Island to confront Anton if he hurts his daughter Belle[/caption]

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, Tamer has revealed what he really thinks of Anton, Belle’s secret heartache that she’s been hiding from viewers and how a fly-on-the-wall Kardashian’s style reality show could be in the pipeline for the family.

“I kept saying ‘Anton, I dare you, I dare you,” he laughs.

“I thought ‘if you say anything that ain’t true or upset Belle, then mate I am coming in on a helicopter with a parachute and I am picking you up and taking you out’.

Little does Anton know that he’s wooing the daughter of film and TV gangster Tamer, best known for his work in EastEnders, Game Of Thrones, The Football Factory and The Business.

Nick Obank – The Sun

He is keeping a close eye on Anton[/caption]

The 51-year-old Hollywood hardman says he’d do anything for his daughter
Nick Obank – The Sun


Belle set her sights on Anton when she entered during Casa Amor week[/caption]

But joking aside, what WOULD happen if Anton doesn’t treat Belle like a queen and he does a Curtis?

“Then we’ve got a problem,” he says.

“So I’m telling you, Anton, be nice.”

Belle was one of the six girls who turned heads during those infamous Casa Amor episodes.

She spent four days getting to know Curtis, Danny, Jordan, Tommy, Anton and Michael but it was gym owner Anton Danyluk who caught her eye before she even joined the show – oh and Tommy, but he was already taken.

Tamer, 51, said: “She knows what she wants and she goes and gets it, she’s her father’s daughter, but she’s not one to take another woman’s man because of who she is as a person.

Nick Obank – The Sun

He tells Anton to ‘be nice’[/caption]

The 21-year-old stunner is a wannabe actress and singer
Tamer admits hes putty in Belle’s hands despite his tough exterior

“People have asked me, ‘’is she playing a game?’ Look, it IS a game, everybody is playing a game. My advice to Belle was: ‘Listen, be yourself but I am watching every move, remember who your dad is and do the right stuff.’

“My daughter likes to mother people, she’s like a mother hen, she has been like that since she was a kid.

“She’s not into looks or body shapes or muscle, she is attracted to wounded people. She is attracted to somebody who needs a bit of help, like a wounded animal.

“I like Tommy Fury and Belle liked him too but she would never do anything to hurt another girl like take their man.

“I am happy that she has found someone and that her holiday and experience has been extended for as long as it can. I want her to have the best time of her life.”

But it does mean he has to watch through gritted teeth as he is faced with Belle’s late-night snogs in bed and hears Anton gush about his visible “excitement”.

Anton got very excited when Belle scratched him in bed together


Anton has made clear how much Belle ‘excites’ him[/caption]

“If she jumps in someone’s bed, so what? She’s having a bit of fun. I told her do you know what, if nothing happens, if you don’t find love then don’t worry – go and have the best holiday, go and have the time of your life. You’ve got an opportunity here to really elevate what you want to do.

“But yeah, it’s weird for me to hear a guy talk about my daughter in that way, but he is a boy lying in bed with a beautiful girl,” sighs Tamer, who admits getting emotional seeing Belle couple up with the Scot.

“During the recoupling it felt like I was giving her away.

“It was such a lovely moment, being as tough as I am I just kind of sat there and for some bizarre reason it felt like they were getting married.


The couple are going from strength to strength[/caption]

“She was really shy and he was speaking from the heart and had a big smile on his face and when they got together I thought ‘go on girl, go and find your happiness’.

“I want them both to find happiness. He has had a rough ride in there already and she’s had a rough ride in the past, so maybe they can come together and make it work.

“Winning for her is finding love and being happy.”

Despite only being 21 years old, Belle has already been through more than her fair share of heartache and has been hiding her secret sadness from viewers.

“She has only had two boyfriends,” explains Tamer.

“Her first love became very abusive and horrible and it went really bad very quickly.

“I try not to get involved too much.

“There are times I want to wring some necks, but it’s not right for me as a dad to get involved. I am a shoulder to cry on.


Belle has had her heart broken by boyfriends in the past[/caption]

“She’s very guarded at the moment because of the heartache that she’s had.

“She has been cheated on by these various boyfriends in the past.”

But Tamer hopes it will be third time lucky with Anton – or he’ll have him to answer to.

“I like the kid, I have grown to like him,” he smiles.

“I just hope he is what he appears to be on TV.

“If he’s that excited child that wants to be mothered, my daughter is stunning, beautiful and amazing. So if he is a loyal, one-woman man, then it’s a good match.

Belle has been shaving Anton’s bum just like his mum


She cracked straight on to the job in hand[/caption]

“She will be perfect for him. She’s one to squeeze cheeks, she grabs you and pulls you around. She’s that mothering woman.

“So if he is what he says he is and she sees that then I think it will come together beautifully.”

But first Anton’s got to impress Tamer in a one-to-one grilling when he’s out of the villa.

“We will go on a little road trip, just me and him and then I will give him the verdict,” he says.

“But I have got to tell him what a lunatic she can be as well because she ain’t easy.

Nick Obank – The Sun

The actor says he is proud of his daughter starring in reality TV and hopes she finds ‘happiness’[/caption]

“I have had it with boyfriends before, they have come and sat down respectfully and said that they want to make it official with my daughter, and I tell them ‘she can be hard work, do you know that? Are you sure you want to do this? Don’t come complaining to me when she starts on you’. She’s a 21-year-old independent, powerful woman, whatever they want to do, they’ll do it.”

Despite the occasional awkward moment watching Belle in a close clinch, Tamer admits he’s loved seeing her step out of his shadow and shine – but he’s surprised after showing a passing interest in fame over the years that she’s now thrown herself into the deep end on the biggest reality show on TV.

Nick Obank – The Sun

Tamer is looking forward to meeting Belle’s new man, but warns he plans to give him a grilling[/caption]

He said: “I have never done reality TV, but it’s my guilty pleasure and I love and respect a lot of people who are in it.

“I love these young kids and I really celebrate what they do and the world is reality TV now.

“I’m telling everyone I am not watching it every night, but I am at home on my own with my phone off, just sitting there biting my nails.

“I am quite happy that she’s in the background, not getting involved in the dramas.

“She’s sitting back and falling in love.

Tamer has worked with pal Danny Dyer on films like The Business in the past
Getty – Contributor

“Once she gets into the flow of things she will start talking and people will levitate to her because she has got a good ear, she’s very smart and she’s warm.”

Although her dad has been in the spotlight all of her life in over 60 films, starring alongside his good pal Danny Dyer, Belle – who is also close to last year’s Love Island winner Dani Dyer – struggled with the idea of fame.

But Belle’s passion is singing – and she’s hoping Love Island will be the platform to launch a career in the industry.

“I told her ‘you’ve got an opportunity here to really elevate what you want to do’.

“She wants to be a singer. We’ll be in the car and she’ll blurt out Beyonce like no other.

“She is also obsessed with make-up and wants her own make-up brand.

“I said if this is your platform to be the nation’s sweetheart or to get you somewhere, look at it like that.

She’s a phenomenal actress on the stage and on screen, but the fame thing terrified her.

Tamer starred in The Football Factory in 2004
A year later he played dapper playboy Charlie in The Business

“She hasn’t eased herself in has she? She’s gone on Love Island, and if by the grace of God she could win this show, the fame?

“You’re going to think Elvis Presley has come back to life. The fame is off the scale so let’s hope she can deal with that because it’s going to be a whirlwind.

“People say I need to sign her, but I don’t need to do anything. Whatever she wants to do I will support her on.

“I have always thrown my kids in at the deep end. If you’re worried about fame that’s how you deal with it – like if you are scared of flying you go up on a plane.

“It might be one of the reasons why she decided to go in there, thinking that she needs to overcome that fear.”

Despite his tough exterior, Tamer admits he’s putty in Belle’s hands and would do anything to make her happy – even going on Love Island himself!

“I didn’t know about the families going on the show until recently but I’m up for it – I’ll come in and bring her dog Lacey. If that’s the first time Anton finds out who her dad is then great.

And what about a family reality show like the Dyer’s afterwards, starring his wife Karen and son Taser?

Tamer is married to Belle’s mum Karen
Getty – Contributor


Belle pictured in 2011 with her family who are all rooting for her to win the show[/caption]

Tamer with his son Taser
Rex Features

“She’s already got ideas about doing a fly on the wall documentary as a family after all this,” Tamer said.

“I don’t think I’ve got a choice. But I would literally throw my career in the bin for my children because they’re my life and my world so 100 per cent, whatever they want to do.

“I am here for my daughter, but I’ve told her this has got to be your journey, the last thing I want is for her to be is ‘Tamer Hassan’s daughter’.”

It’s potentially why Belle has kept tight-lipped about her famous dad and hasn’t mentioned who he is so far. Not even Anton appears to have a clue what he’s getting himself into.

Tamer added: “I think she wants to be in there in her own right. She’ll bring up my name when she has got a problem: ‘Really, do you want to mess about with me? Do you know who my dad is?’

“And perhaps she’s keeping quiet because she doesn’t want anybody’s feelings to be influenced by who she is or who her family is.

“Anton will find out somewhere down the line, but it doesn’t matter. When he comes out I’ll shake his hand and put my arm around him and welcome him in.”


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