Taurus Water Ox: What does the Chinese and Western Zodiac Sign mean?

THE Taurus Water Ox is a mix of the Western and Chinese zodiac signs.

This sign is born in 1973 in the April or May months and is regarded as stoic with a really big heart. The Water Ox is nice and highly creative. 

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The Taurus Water Ox applies to those born in 1973

Characteristics of the Male Taurus Water Ox

A big ol’ stoic character with an equally big heart. He really is terribly nice in a kind of predictable way. 

Not boring – he’s way too charming to be in any way uninteresting – it’s more you just know what you’re getting and he’ll never disappoint, never let you down. 

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Golfer Lee Westwood is a Taurus Water Ox born on April 24, 1973[/caption]

He has a pretty good work ethic (in his own time) and great stamina – and that Water element really lightens the load of what otherwise might be quite a stodgy combination. 

Food and drink will never be far away from the premises – as the fruits of his labours are there to be sampled. 

To describe someone as “rock solid” and “kind” might sound a little dull, but he is the aforementioned – and he most certainly isn’t dull. 

The truth is that Taurus Water Oxen, particularly if they don’t enjoy their careers, are the number one, laziest Chinese combo there is and Taurean men don’t possess that “up and at ’em”approach to life, so you’re not looking at Mr Uber-Motivated. 

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Taurus Water Oxen are stoic and have a big heart[/caption]

Everything is done according to his time-lines, which ain’t necessarily a great thing. 

What he does have is an equal talent for all things practical and creative, which means he can turn his hand to most things. 

But the fact is – and he knows it – he has to love, adore, worship his career in order for success to hunt him down. 

It’s imperative, otherwise these docile beasts can become just a little too apathetic, a little too quirky, and it’s about the only thing they do quickly. 

Sort of lovely in a docile kind of way.

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Each sign of the Chinese zodiac has an element characteristic[/caption]

Characteristics of the Female Taurus Water Ox

Reliable, strong, quite bossy, ambitious – but honest and genuine and thoughtful, too. 

Nothing fazes this girl, she’s drawn to the misfortune of others.

She has inherent compassion but her ability to deal with virtually anything she encounters means she often finds herself in fields where compassion and understanding are prerequisite traits – nursing, for example.


Tori Spelling is a female Taurus Water Ox born on May 16, 1973[/caption]

She’s a natural mother too – one of the most natural, actually – and it’s this area that brings enormous joy to her life. 

The whole maternal angle appeals greatly and should be indulged. Speaking of indulging, this girl loves to eat, loves to drink and has the stamina of a thousand stallions. 

The one thing you really mustn’t underestimate with this girl is her resilience. It’s phenomenal. 

She’s borderline indestructible. Taurus/Ox is a scary combination, so thank the lord for the Water element’s presence here, because it does genuinely present us with a character with a wonderful heart and a good soul.

She will utilize Taurus/Ox traits by being monstrously organized, proficient and together, enabling herself to stay just one step ahead of the game. 

Her perfect job? If a major charity needed someone to project manage the entire rehabilitation of a small nation, this girl could do it with her eyes closed and, at the same time, would derive so much pleasure from the process.

She has an inherent humanitarian nature. 

She is a tough-nut, no argument there, but she cares and has a beautiful soul.

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