Teen daughter inadvertently gets her mum in trouble with police after posting video of her beeping at horse riders

A TEENAGE daughter has accidentally got her mother in trouble with the police after she posted footage of her abuse horse riders.

The footage shows the foul-mouthed mother blast her horn repeatedly at two riders who are blocking a country lane at Llanfair Talhaiarn, near Abergele, on September 10.

The driver tailgates two horse riders and screams “I own the f***ing road”.

The driver then hurls abuse at the riders before screaming “I own the f***ing road” and “Do you like that, c***?”

Shocked by her mother’s behaviour, the daughter captions the video “I think my mar has road rage… take a chill pill”.

The anonymous motorist even tailgates the two horses and screams “Where’s your tax and insurance love?”

She then screams “Why don’t you clean that s*** up down there that your horse just left, that’s not very nice.”

The Snapchat shows the mother screaming abuse at two horse riders
Luckily the two horses were not startled by the beeping car

Under the Highway Code, motorists must give horse riders plenty of room and take care when passing them.

It also states to “Do not scare animals by sounding your horn, revving your engine or accelerating rapidly once you have passed them.”

A local confirmed to the MailOnline the driver had been reported to the police and that she was known within the area for her aggressive driving.

She said: “We have lots of country lanes and it’s getting dangerous.


“My daughter rides and my heart is in my mouth every time she goes out.”

After the footage was posted, the two female riders who live in a nearby village have reportedly been the subject of abuse.

North Wales Police have been contacted for comment.


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