Teen Mom Briana DeJesus breaks down in tears over painful allergy shots & claims she feels like she’s ‘dying’

TEEN Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus broke down in tears over painful allergy shots.

The 27-year-old claimed she felt like she was “dying.”

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Briana broke down in tears while getting painful allergy shots[/caption]


She documented the aftermath of the experience on her Instagram Story[/caption]

Briana took to her Instagram Story on Monday to share a clip that showed off her arm, which multiple lines drawn on it.

While turning her arm to show that it was covered in marks, the Teen Mom 2 star said off camera: “I literally got pricked with a needle in my arm all these times.”

Briana was heard crying before she added: “I’m dying.”

The MTV star was having an allergy test done, which means she was pricked by needles with small amounts of allergens to test what she’s allergic to.


Briana shared the clip following the chaotic Teen Mom 2 reunion.

During part one of the reunion special, , Briana became emotional as she thanked ex Devoin Austin for “loving” Stella.

Briana and Devoin share nine-year-old daughter Nova, while Stella’s father is Briana’s ex Luis Hernandez.

Luis isn’t actively involved in the four-year-old’s life, so Devoin has stepped in to make sure the youngster has a father figure.

The TV personality broke down in tears as she thanked her first baby daddy, stating: “That’s so tough. My poor little Stella. Thank you. Thank you for loving Stella.”

Devoin replied: “Thanks for letting me,” as Briana gushed: “She loves you so much.”

The sweet moment quickly took a dramatic turn when the exes began to fight after Briana accused Devoin of not providing for Nova financially.

As they yelled over each other, Devoin ripped off his mic and stormed out of the studio.


Shortly after part one of the reunion aired, Briana shocked fans when she posted a video of herself chopping off her hair.

During an Instagram Live video, the mother of two sheared off the left side of her hair and left it in uneven lengths.

Briana said she was a having a “Britney Spears moment,” before adding: “This is definitely something that I’ve always wanted to do.”

Britney, 39, famously shaved her head in 2007 during her public meltdown which led to her being placed under conservatorship.

After fans watched the haircut unfold, many rushed to Reddit so share their thoughts on Briana’s bizarre decision.

One person asked: “What is going on lol wtf?”

Another added: “What is wrong with her?”

A third posted: “The least you could do is use a better pair of scissors and cut it evenly and long enough to be fixable… so awkward. And on live. Giving me Britney vibes.”


The TV star said she was ‘dying’ during the process[/caption]

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She previously thanked Devoin for loving both of her daughters[/caption]


The exes got into a yelling match during the recent Teen Mom 2 reunion[/caption] Link

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