Teen Mom Briana DeJesus tells ex Devoin MTV ‘doesn’t care about his personal life’ as he slams show for cutting scenes

BRIANA DeJesus has slammed her ex Devoin Austin after he slammed Teen Mom for cutting scenes with his girlfriend Jazmine.

The Teen Mom 2 star, 26, said MTV “cares more” about her personal life than his in a lengthy rant.

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Briana DeJesus called out Devoin Austin after he slammed MTV[/caption]

Devoin expressed his frustration over the lack of air time for his girlfriend who he has dated for several seasons.

He wrote: “I wonder why they never wana [sic] talk about my boo (which I live with and has been the same throughout ALLLL these seasons).”

After a fan clapped back about his involvement in the show, he replied: “I’m pretty sure all you ever hear out her mouth is my name?

“So why not show EVERYTHING about me? Ya muf***as [sic] SO quick to judge…So yes I deserve to be displayed 100%. Who tf are you?” he slammed.


Devoin slammed MTV for cutting scenes with his girlfriend Jazmine[/caption]


He hit out on Instagram[/caption]

Devoin has been dating Jazmine since 2014, yet she has never been featured on the show.

While Devoin didn’t mention Briana, directly in his post, she clapped back saying: “Low blow shade is corny especially when it comes to my personal life.

“I don’t comment on yours so please don’t comment on mine. You’re tired of me ALWAYS talking about you so now that the gears have changed… it’s still an issue?

“If you wanna film scenes with your girlfriend, request it. But not for nothing, they care more about my personal life than yours. Sorry.”


Briana clapped back, saying MTV ‘care more’ about her than Devoin[/caption]

In February of this year Devoin and Jazmine flew to Miami for a romantic vacation away from the star’s baby mama drama and daughter Nova, nine.

An inside source recently spoke to The Sun about their relationship, as they revealed the young father has kept it “low-key.”

“Devoin is keeping his girlfriend low-key. They met on social media after DMing each other.

“Things between them have been moving forward and she has met Nova,” they explained.

“She doesn’t have any kids of her own, but she gets along well with Devoin’s daughter, and enjoys sending time with her.”

On Monday, Briana, 27, announced that she’s engaged to her boyfriend Javi Gonzalez.

The reality star hopped on TikTok to share the news with a romantic video tribute to her man.

The montage showed off various vacations the duo has shared, and closed with a photo of a stunning engagement ring.

Briana and her now fiancée enjoyed a romantic getaway in Miami over the weekend, where Javi decided to pop the question.

Briana recently referred to her man as her “future hubby”, and since the tattoo artist has two daughters of his own, the duo have been blending their families.


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