Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd shocked as Cory admits he could leave daughter Ryder, 3, for MONTHS to work on The Challenge

TEEN Mom star Cheyenne Floyd was shocked as ex Cory Wharton admitted he could leave their three-year-old daughter Ryder for months to work on The Challenge.

The 28-year-old reacted to the situation in a new episode of Teen Mom OG, which airs on Tuesday.


Cheyenne was shocked when she learned Cory might leave Ryder for months[/caption]


He tells Cheyenne about his plans to join The Challenge on a new episode of Teen Mom OG[/caption]

While picking up Ryder from Cory’s house, the MTV star told his ex that he “got the call about The Challenge” and admitted he was excited to start the show.

He added: “I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable with this.”

Cheyenne responded: “So you could be gone for potentially three months during a pandemic, during Covid, to leave me and Ryder all alone.”

Cory, 29, tried to change Cheyenne’s mind about the situation as he said: “I’m excited. I’m just happy that I’m gonna hopefully get the opportunity to work during this pandemic.

“I know a lot of people don’t have work right now, so I’m just thankful that, you know, I have that opportunity and I wanted to just run it by you.”


Cory revealed his plan in a teaser for the MTV show[/caption]


Cheyenne admitted she was hesitant to have him leave for months[/caption]


Ryder said she was ‘happy’ he wanted to go on the show[/caption]

Cheyenne told Cory: “It is a pandemic and you are very blessed to have an opportunity to go and work and make some money.”

Cory happily walked over to Cheyenne and hugged her as he joked: “I’m gonna win this for us! Everybody! The whole world!”

After Cheyenne said it was “gonna be hard on Ry” for Cory to be away, he asked their daughter if it would be okay.

The toddler said it would make her “happy,” while she added that she wanted to go on the MTV competition show when she “grows up.”

Cory isn’t a stranger to MTV reality shows, as he has competed on multiple seasons of The Challenge over the years.


Ryder shared she wants to be on the show when she’s older[/caption]


Cory has been on multiple seasons of The Challenge[/caption]

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Cory and Cheyenne met while they both competed on The Challenge[/caption]

In fact, Cory and Cheyenne met when they both appeared on The Challenge: Rivals III in 2016.

In fact, Cory and Cheyenne met when they both appeared on The Challenge: Rivals III in 2016.

Cheyenne gave birth to Ryder in April 2017 and reportedly did not tell Cory that he is the father until six months later.

Cory met his current girlfriend Taylor Selfridge, 26, on the MTV dating reality series Ex on the Beach.

The couple share eight-month-old daughter Mila together.


Cory met baby mama Taylor on Ex on the Beach[/caption]

The Teen Mom star is currently expecting her second child with boyfriend Zach Davis, 30.

She announced in December that she’s pregnant with Zach’s child and revealed days later that the baby is a boy.

Last week, Cheyenne revealed she thinks their son will look like Zach in a sweet Instagram post.


Cheyenne is currently pregnant with her second child[/caption]


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