Teen Mom fans worry for Jenelle Evans after the fired reality star looks like she’s ‘fighting back tears’ in new video

TEEN Mom fans have shared their concern for Jenelle Evans after she looked on the verge of tears in a new TikTok video.

The 29-year-old worryingly explained in the short clip that she decided to open several fan-sent gifts on camera “because I’m sad”.

TikTok / Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans left fans concerned after sharing her TikTok video[/caption]

In light of her comment, many of her followers were left worried about the reality TV star and were concerned about her teary-eyed appearance.

“OK, so .. no one asked. Are you OK?” a concerned fan asked.

To which, Jenelle responded, “Thanks for asking. I’ve been sad but hopefully today is better.”

Another TikTok user penned: “Hope they made you feel better girl life’s too short for sadness”.

TikTok / Jenelle Evans

The star was seen on the verge of tears in the clip[/caption]

“Sorry you’re sad!” a follower commented. “Hope the gifts made you feel better :)”.

A fourth wrote: “Don’t be sad You are an amazing mother who would go to the ends of the earth for your babies” (sic).

“Wait… Hold up… Wht are you sad?” a follower asked.


Fans shared their worry for the star in the video’s comments section[/caption]


While it isn’t clear why Jenelle was upset, she recently admitted her “feelings were hurt” after her estranged mother Barbara didn’t respond to her Mother’s Day text.

Jenelle took to TikTok on Sunday evening to open about her hurt feelings.

While cuddling under a comforter, the former Teen Mom 2 star told her fans: “I just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to everyone out there.

“Thank you for all of your Mother’s Day wishes. I really appreciate it.”

Jenelle admitted her 'feelings are hurt' after her estranged mother ignored her Mother's Day text
Jenelle admitted her ‘feelings are hurt’ after her estranged mother ignored her Mother’s Day text

The clip took a more serious turn when Jenelle admitted she was “sad,” adding: “I said ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ to you know who and I don’t get a response back.

“I’m just trying to be nice. But yeah, my feelings are pretty hurt.”

She added that her day wasn’t all bad, noting: “I had a good day with the kids, so that’s all that matters.”

The former reality star has been open about her tumultuous relationship with Barbara
The former reality star has been open about her tumultuous relationship with Barbara

The clip concluded with the MTV star zooming in on her face to show her fans that she had been crying.

While Jenelle did not directly name her mother in the clip, she captioned it: “Oh well #ToxicParents.”

Jenelle has been open about her strained relationship with Barbara in the past, while she recently admitted she regrets giving her mother “temporary custody” of her oldest son Jace, 11.

Barbara has 'temporary custody' of Jenelle's oldest son Jace
Barbara has ‘temporary custody’ of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace
The troubled mother-daughter relationship was documented on TeenMom 2
Their troubled relationship was documented on Teen Mom 2

Earlier this month, a follower asked Jenelle on Instagram: “If you could change one thing about your past, what would it be?”

The mom-of-three responded: “Giving my mom temp. custody.”

Barbara has primary physical and legal custody of Jace, while Jenelle has visitation with him every other weekend after she signed over custody of her son to her mother in June 2010. 

Earlier this year, Jenelle filed for sole custody of her troubled son Jace and asked the court to grant emergency custody to her.

In addition to Jace, Jenelle is also the mother to Kaiser, six, and Ensley, four.

She shares her youngest child with husband David Eason.


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