Teen Mom Jenelle Evans ripped by fans over ‘disgusting’ deviled eggs as she claims followers ‘asked for the recipe’

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans was ripped by fans over her “disgusting” deviled eggs as she claimed that followers “asked for the recipe.”

The former reality star has been bashed in the past for her shocking family meals.

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans did not make many fans happy with her latest meal choice
Her deviled eggs sprinkled with sausage was certainly a head-turner

Jenelle, 29, took to her Instagram Stories as she shared a grab of her deviled eggs, which featured chopped up sausage tossed over it.

The ex MTV star filmed herself talking about the questionable meal, as she said: “So I know a lot of you are asking me the recipe for the deviled eggs I made this morning – basically I add mayonnaise, salt and pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, tarragon…

“Then I made some sausage and I cut it all up really good and sprinkled on top because I figured it would be a really good breakfast… I came up with this idea this morning…”

However, fans weren’t impressed at all, as they took to Reddit to share their very harsh feedback.

Jenelle Evans/Instagram Story

‘So I know a lot of you are asking me the recipe for the deviled eggs I made this morning,’ Jenelle said before sharing what went into the meal[/caption]


‘Disastrous!’ one person reacted to the deviled eggs[/caption]


‘I am offended by this,’ another wrote[/caption]


One person said it looked a lot ‘worse’ than peeps[/caption]


Another simply labeled them as ‘disgusting’[/caption]

One person wrote: “Oh my this is disastrous,” while another added, “I am personally offended by this.”

Another added: “This looks worse than peeps,” while a fourth chimed in: “absolutely disgusting… They eat like s**t. I’m all about eating yummy food and from time to time eating something that is not the best but they are downright unhealthy!”

This isn’t the first time that Jenelle has been called out for her meal choices, as last month she and husband David Eason were slammed for eating liver pudding and grits.


Jenelle and her husband, David Eason, were previously called out for eating liver pudding and grits[/caption]


David shared a clip of himself eating the shocking meal[/caption]

David then chowed down on the meal with a side drink of milk and showed an after shot of most of the food gone but with some of the liver pudding still there.

Previously, Jenelle was also called out for making her own breakfast for herself and her kids that included bacon, sausage, white bread and gravy – a meal labeled as “unhealthy.”

Jenelle’s head-turning deviled eggs came as she celebrated Easter with David and her kids Ensley, four, Kaiser, six, and her oldest Jace, 11.

However, her mom Barbara was not in attendance as the two continue to fight for full custody of Jace.

Last month Jenelle slammed her mother for ruining her “mentally,” as she claimed she will “always fight” for her son.

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle’s deviled eggs fiasco came as she celebrated Easter with her family – however, her mom Barbara wasn’t there[/caption]

Jenelle also took to TikTok to update her fans on the situation, as she explained that legal issues were keeping her from speaking candidly.

She said: “Now I know you guys keep asking about my mom and Jace’s situation but right now again, another topic, it’s just not the time to talk about right now legally.

“Going through some stuff and I’ll let you guys know eventually.”


Jenelle and Barbara continue to fight for full custody of Jenelle’s oldest son Jace[/caption]


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