Teen Mom Jenelle Evans ripped for allowing daughter Ensley, 4, to ‘drag’ the family dog around as it looks ‘miserable’

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans was slammed for allowing her 4-year-old daughter, Ensley, to “drag” the family dog around as it looked “miserable.”

Back in 2019 the ex reality star’s husband, David Eason, shot and killed their French bulldog, Nugget.

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Teen Mom Jenelle Evans was slammed for allowing her daughter Ensley to ‘drag’ the family dog[/caption]

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

The former reality star shared a short clip of the 4-year-old holding their dog Rosey up[/caption]

The chaos kicked off after Jenelle, 29, took to her Instagram Stories to share a short clip of her youngest child giggling while she holds up their dog Rosey.

“Aww,” Jenelle is heard laughing behind the camera.

However, some Teen Mom 2 fans were not happy at all with the clip, as they took to the comments section to respond.

“She’s dragging it around,” one person said, with another adding, “these dogs deserve so much better.”

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

‘Aww,’ Jenelle could be heard behind the camera[/caption]


Fans were not happy at all with the clip[/caption]


‘She’s dragging it around,’ one person wrote[/caption]

“Fauxsey looks miserable,” one person wrote, which is the nickname some fans gave the dog after they speculated Jenelle replaced it with an imposter pet.

Other reference the shocking incident that involved David killing their previous dog Nugget after he “bit” Ensley.

One fan wrote: “I hate that I’m stupid enough to somehow still be shocked that she’s ignorant enough to post this after what happened with Nugget.”


Others reference Jenelle’s previous dog Nugget, who was shot and killed by the ex MTV star’s husband, David Eason[/caption]


‘She’s ignorant,’ a fan chimed in[/caption]


Another claimed Jenelle and David hadn’t learned from the Nugget incident[/caption]

Another chimed in: “You’d think someone in that house would have learned their lesson after the Nugget incident. Nope.”

Following Nugget’s death, the former MTV star’s kids were temporarily taken away by CPS.

While many fans thought this incident led to the couple’s eventual firing from the reality series, the controversial pair claimed their termination was because the Teen Mom’s production team were afraid to work with David, and would ask not to go to their house.

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David shot and killed Nugget after it allegedly ‘bit’ Ensley[/caption]


The couple would eventually be booted by MTV[/caption]

Recently, the mother of three slammed claims she’s a bad pet owner.

She exclusively told The Sun: “I know people have judged me in the past for having pets.”

Jenelle claimed everything at their home is fine: “Everyone is well taken care of.

“All the judgement and the haters, they just need to stop at this point.”

The family has seen plenty of backlash in the past, as last September, David was slammed for killing and eating their pet goat Elvis, who they had reared from birth.

Earlier this month, Ensley also claimed he “killed a baby chick,” which led the father of three to reply in an aggressive tone: “No I did not. I will smack you in the mouth.”


Recently, Jenelle slammed claims she’s a bad pet owner[/caption]

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Jenelle has three kids from three different relationships[/caption]


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