Teen Mom Jenelle Evans slams ‘haters for ruining her kids’ opportunities’ after fan reported Jace and Ensley’s TikTok’s

TEEN Mom Jenelle Evans slammed haters who “ruined her kids’ opportunities” after fans reported Jace and Ensley’s TikTok accounts. 

The ex MTV personality fired off a scathing message to “grow up” to anyone questioning her children being on the social media apps despite their young ages. 

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Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans slammed haters who reported her kids’ TikTok accounts[/caption]

TikTok @jenellelevans

Critics of the MTV star had her son’s TikTok profile removed due to his age[/caption]

Yesterday, Jenelle, 29, called her son her “best friend” in a cute TikTok video but just hours later, the platform had removed the 11-year-old’s profile. 

She claimed on her Instagram Stories on Saturday: “So y’all really liked that TikTok yesterday with me and Jace, thank you! 

“But now sadly this is what Jace has woken up to,” she said over a screenshot of her son’s disabled TikTok profile.

A banner at the top read: “This account was banned due to multiple Community Guidelines violations.” 

The reality star continued: “Jace control his own account, I don’t control it. And I looked up the TikTok guidelines and you can be any age with parental consent to have a TikTok.

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

The Teen Mom alum slammed ‘haters’ in a video post and told them to ‘grow up’[/caption]

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Her son, Jace, had his TikTok profile removed due to being just 11-years-old[/caption]

Instagram/Jenelle Evans

Fans on Twitter claimed they reported the 11-year-old’s account[/caption]

“If you pause right here, you can see that you’re allowed to have it with parental consent. 

“So a lot of you are wondering ‘how can that happen? Who did it? Why did TikTok do that?’ 

“Well I have no idea but I did email them. And Twitter is a whole other universe.”

She then made another comment over a tweet from an critic who claimed they reported Jace’s profile. 

“He’ll be 12 in August. I just reported his and Ensley’s IG accounts for being under 13 too. JE is going to flip her lid if they get shut down,” someone wrote on Twitter. 

TikTok @jenellelevans

Yesterday, Jenelle called her son her ‘best friend’ during a TikTok dance[/caption]

TikTok @jenellelevans

While many fans loved the video, some thought he was too young to have his own account[/caption]

Jenelle said over the screenshot: “As you can see right here, there’s haters trying to take things out on my children and making my kids upset. 

“Sweetheart, you aren’t going to hurt my feelings if you get their accounts shut down. You’re going to hurt their feelings. 

“Why ruin my children’s opportunities because you hate me? That’s ridiculous, grow up!” 

Despite her daughter, Ensley, being just four-years-old, the toddler already had social media accounts set up by her mom. 

Yesterday, she shared a rare video of Jace while dancing together after getting his custody case sealed.

Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle’s four-year-old daughter, Ensley, also has her own profile[/caption]

Jenelle Evans/Instagram

Jenelle also shares son Kaiser, 6, with ex Nathan Griffith[/caption]

Wearing a leopard print crop top and khaki shorts, the former MTV star danced in the background as Jace mimed the words.

Fans of Jenelle were thrilled to see the two together and rushed to leave comments of support.

One wrote: “Okay I’m loving these vibes need more of this duo.”

“What a fun mother you are and he is so grown up and beautiful so much love for you girlie,” another insisted.

Another said: “it’s the self confidence you look so good and healthy!”


Jenelle and on-again-of-again husband David are still together despite years of controversy[/caption]

Earlier this week a North Carolina court clerk exclusively revealed to The Sun that Jenelle, 29, and her mom Barbara’s custody case over Jace, 11, has been sealed.

She shares Jace with ex Andrew Lewis, son Kaiser, 6, with ex Nathan Griffith and daughter Ensley with husband David Eason.

This ruling means all filings and upcoming court hearings are not public record and could only be accessed by parties involved in the case. 

The former Teen Mom had the custody battle sealed after her mom revealed her son Jace’s “out of control” behavior in court documents.


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