Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry ripped for going on ANOTHER getaway after getting Covid for the second time

TEEN Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry was ripped for going on ANOTHER getaway.

The 29-year-old shared she is going on a trip shortly after she got Covid for a second time.

Instagram/Kailyn Lowry

Kailyn shared her plans to go on another vacation[/caption]

Instagram/Kailyn Lowry

She and her sons recently tested positive for Covid[/caption]

Instagram/Kailyn Lowry

Fans rushed to Reddit to slam the star for traveling so soon after testing positive[/caption]

Kailyn recently contracted Covid while vacationing in the Dominican Republic with her four sons

Despite testing positive for the virus, the MTV star took to her Instagram Story on Friday to update her fans about her family’s upcoming trip.

She said: “We’re going away tonight and we’re super excited because we’re all cleared from quarantining.

“I was just cleared on Thursday and the kids weren’t cleared until yesterday, so we’re just happy to be up and out.”


Shortly after the clip was posted, Teen Mom 2 fans rushed to Reddit to slam Kailyn for choosing to travel so soon after contracting Covid.

One person asked: “Is she f**king serious?”

Another added: “What the f**k is wrong with her????”

A third chimed in:” She’s so brazen. I cannot stand her.”

While one person called her “selfish,” another wrote: “Cleared for quarantine? Didn’t they all just test positive?? I thought you had to test negative first and she still sounds sick as fck. Wtf is going on.”

Others called Kailyn “disgusting,” with one Reddit user writing: “I’m disliking her more and more as the weeks go by….. she has almost no redeeming qualities at this point. I get giving your kids a better life than you had but at the same time know that all of this could end at any moment and you should be saving for that. Also vaccinate those babies ESPECIALLY if you’re gonna be traveling the world during a pandemic with Covid.”

Another commented: “Why is she so gross? She’s the least aesthetic out all of the other moms.”

Many slammed the star for not taking the severity of the pandemic seriously, with one person stating: “People are literally dying right now Kail. How freaking tone deaf do you have to be to post your incessant travel during a pandemic? People are losing their jobs and dying and she’s been home a full couple of weeks and has to announce to the world she is off to another adventure.

“Spoiler alert: that feeling that makes you need to travel all the time and move is not healthy and you are going to make your kids feel just as empty as you do by trying to fill this void with money.”

An additional person stated: “Absolutely can’t stand this selfish piece of trash!”


The Instagram Story video is not the first time Kailyn has received backlash for how she is acting during the pandemic.

Just days ago, Kailyn and her Baby Mamas No Drama co-host Vee Rivera for slammed for “giggling” about contracting the virus.

During a recent episode of their podcast, the friends joking that they had “cooties” and were “Covid queens.”

After admitting she gave Covid to Vee after returning from her trip to the Dominican Republic, Kailyn also confessed she gave it to her ex-husband Javi Marroquin and her sons Isaac, Lincoln, Lux, and Creed.


Kailyn and Vee were slammed for ‘giggling’ about testing positive[/caption]


The MTV star and her sons contracted the virus during a recent trip to the Dominican Republic[/caption] Link

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