Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee insists she’s ‘leaving marriage status open’ after on-off husband Josh moves into her new home

TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee isn’t pinning a specific relationship status to her spouse following allegations he cheated on her last year.

The MTV reality star, who married Josh McKee in 2013, has battled through a tough patch which saw her move to Florida with her kids – yet initially without her hubby.


Teen Mom Mackenzie McKee is leaving her relationship status with husband Josh ‘open’[/caption]

The couple started dating in 2009 as teenagers and now have three children together – Gannon, Jaxie and Broncs McKee.

Yet things turned sour last May as Mackenzie accused her husband of having an affair with one of her family members.

The couple later reunited after spending the Christmas holidays together, with the Body By Mac founder also insisting she has “no regrets” about starting afresh.

Despite seemingly having turned a corner in their love life, and revealing Josh has now moved into her stunning $300K family home, Mackenzie, 26, is leaving their marriage “open.”


Josh, who began dating the MTV star in 2009, has moved into her new Florida home[/caption]


It comes after the Body By Mac founder admitted she ‘ruined’ Josh’s reputation by publicly suggesting he had an affair with her cousin[/caption]

She told In Touch Weekly: “We just are having a lot of fun right now as a family.

“Obviously, he is all over me. And, so, people are like, OK, they’re more than friends, but we don’t really have that conversation.

“I’m not talking to anyone else. I’m leaving that open.”

Talking of the legalities of their courtship, the MTV star added: “We never got remarried, but he also never signed the divorce papers.

Instagram/Mackenzie McKee

Mackenzie told In Touch the couple were currently having ‘a lot of fun’[/caption]


The reality star, who shares three kids with Josh, says she’s leaving their status ‘open’ and ‘not talking to anyone else’[/caption]

“We haven’t had that discussion, but I think I’m really turning to kids right now and kind of focusing on where their happiness is as a mom and putting what I want aside.”

Earlier this year, Mackenzie opened up on the “dark place” she found herself in following mom Angie Douthit’s death from cancer, and her newfound independent streak.

She said: “I had to walk away from every single bit of that and find myself again. And that’s why I wanted to come to Florida alone.

“When I arrived and sat down and I was like, ‘Wow.’ Like, I am absolutely coming out of that hole I never saw light at the end.”

Instagram / @mackenziemckee

Mackenzie is adamant she is now putting her kids first[/caption]

Mackenzie McKee/Instagram

The couple did not go as far as getting a divorce[/caption]


Mackenzie has also opened up on the ‘dark place’ in which she found herself following her mom Angie’s death[/caption]

The Oklahoma native has also laid bare how her suggestion Josh cheated on her with her cousin publicly “ruined” his reputation.

In the season nine teaser that premiered this week, the Teen Mom OG opened up about her marriage.

The reality star shared: “Our relationship has always been up and down, and I’ve always shared our personal issues with the tabloids.

“But a couple of weeks ago I went through Josh’s phone and assumed the worst, and I posted about it on social media.


The couple’s rollercoaster relationship amid the cheating scandal will play out on the next series of Teen Mom OG[/caption]

“It was a huge mistake because it wasn’t true. I tried to clear it up but it was too late.”

She added: “I really damaged Josh’s reputation and I feel horrible about it. He moved out of our home, and he’s been avoiding me. So I have no idea where I stand in our marriage.”

Mackenzie pushed: “Honestly I’m just trying to put everything aside and figure out what you want with your marriage.”

“I don’t know we are just going to have to see how it goes. Cause it’s going to be hard. Really hard,” Josh confessed, with the scenes set to play out on upcoming episodes of the MTV show.



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