Teen Mom OG latest updates- Amber Portwood storms off set in fight with Gary Shirley & host Dr Drew on reunion

TEEN Mom Amber Portwood stormed off the set as she fought with her ex Gary Shirley and host Dr. Drew during the reunion.

The shocking turn of events occurred after Amber made some head-turning allegations during the Teen Mom OG reunion.

Amber did not stick around for the entirety of her segment
The mother of two decided to storm off set after a fight with her ex Gary and co-host Dr. Drew

In part one of the reunion, Amber and Gary spoke to Dr. Drew and his co-host Nessa about claims that the mother of two made about her ex.

After Gary claimed that he went to his first baby momma to support her, Amber then accused him of “touching her” which the father of two quickly denied, saying there was “nothing inappropriate.”

However, Amber then alleged that Gary told her, “please don’t tell Kristina” about his apparent behavior towards her.

Dr. Drew then accused Amber of “trying to start a s**t storm,” which made the reality star clap back, calling his comment, “bulls**t.”

Amber wasn’t down there as she then decided she had had enough of the exchange and walked off the set.

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