Teen student ARRESTED for calling black classmate the N-word in racist Snapchat post

A racist Snapchat slur aimed at a black high school has led to criminal charges.

The hateful visual involved a photo taken of the victim on campus sitting at a desk a facemask on and his upper body circled in red with a caption that reportedly read: “Why is there a n***** in my homeroom? Why is he not in chains?”


A hateful snap used the N-word to caption a photo of Jamar Medor, 16, while sitting in a Fairfield Warde High School classroom[/caption]

The 16-year-old victim, Jamar Medor, was stunned when he saw the sinister photo that had surfaced last week.

“I just had no words when I saw it. I was so confused,” told ABC-7 in an interview.

The unidentified 16-year-old male pupil who attends Fairfield Warde High School was suspended for 10 days and formally booked on Friday for second-degree breach of peace and ridicule on account of creed, religion, color, denomination, nationality or race, Fairfield police told Patch. <<>

Fairfield Police did not immediately return The Sun’s request for comment.


The racist snap has led to criminal charges for the unidentified 16-year-old male student and a 10-day suspension[/caption]


Jamar’s mother, Judith Medor, wants the student to be expelled and there are thousands of people who signed a petition who agree[/caption]


Fairfield Warde High School alumni have come forward claiming the “predominantly white” institution should expel and not suspended the 16-year-old male student for the racist snap[/caption]

The incident has the basketball team member too scared to return to school. 

“I just don’t feel comfortable going to school or walking the halls, so I stayed home today actually,” Medor said.

Already, there is growing dissent for the student to be permanently expelled with a petition “Tell Fairfield Warde To Expel Racist Bully” that by the time of this publication was signed by nearly 30,000 upset people.

“The student’s mother reported this incident to the school’s principal and administration, but the school treated this incident lightly,” reads the petition. The offending student was only given a 1-week suspension.”

Medor’s mother, Judith Medor, told Patch she wants the Snap perpetrator gone for good.

“I want that child to be expelled from the school,” she said.

Like her son, she was appalled and shocked at the same time because it was his first time he ever experienced racism. 

“I was like ‘oh my god,’ my mouth just dropped because I couldn’t believe it — how the other student would do something like this regarding my son,” Judith told ABC-7.

On Friday, the high school’s principal Paaul Cavanna sent two messages to parents assuring parents counselors were available and organizing the formation of the Warde Unity Coalition to try to combat prejudice, according to Patch.

“As a school community, we must take a stand against intolerance and treat each other with respect and dignity,” one of the messages from Friday reads.

That’s not going far enough, according to some who weighed in after signing the petition demanding the student’s expulsion.

One post on the petition from “Manor E.” claiming to be a graduate of Fairfield Warde High School wrote that they witnessed some racism problems in the “predominantly white school” back in 2016.

But the direct vile disrespect that Medor was forced to endure “is the most disgusting thing I have ever witnessed and it hurts even more coming from my alma mater.”

The graduate continued: “This boy needs to be expelled. How is FPD going to arrest this kid and the school will not have him expelled??”

A self-described graduate named “Sherry A.” agrees that what happened requires a harsher answer than a suspension.

“As a Warde graduate, this is despicable,” the post reads. “This light punishment only further makes black students feel unsafe and emboldens racists and bigots.”


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