Teen thug caught with hunting knife at London Tube station attacks cops and is wrestled to the platform

A TEENAGE thug was caught with a huge hunting knife at a London Tube station after he launched an attack on cops.

Hamza Haddadi, 19, also assaulted a paramedic during the incident when he flew into a rage during a stop and search operation.

Haddadi was initially compliant with the cops when he was initially stopped
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Hamza Haddadi had been stopped at Leytonstone tube station by cops

Haddadi, from Leyton, was sentenced to 14 months’ at a young offenders’ institution during a hearing at Snaresbrook Crown Court on June 5.

The youth had been stopped by the Leytonstone Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) on May 17 on the tube platform of Leytonstone tube station.

Initially Haddadi was compliant with the instructions from the cops but became agitated when PC Sam Mason and Sergeant David Johns started searching him.

During the search Sergeant Johns opened the zip of Haddadi’s hooded top and say the handle of a large hunting knife.

The teenager then tried to flee when the doors of a train opened after it had arrived at the station.

Officers tried to keep Haddadi restrained but he hit Sergeant Johns in the face.

Haddadi was eventually wrestled to the ground and handcuffed.

A number of officers suffered minor injuries during the fight.

Haddadi was searched while he was in custody and smaller switchblade knife was found down his trousers.

Superintendent Ian Brown, of the North East Area Command, appeared at the hearing to give his support to the officers.

He said: “This is a stark reminder of the kind of behaviour Met officers have to deal with on a daily basis.

Haddadi was found to be carrying two knives
Haddadi was calm at first when he was initially stopped
BPM Media
But he then became aggressive and assaulted the cops
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“Police officers should be able to go about their jobs without fear of assault, but sadly this is not the reality.

“The body worn video was important evidence. It showed how quickly the situation escalated and how the officers detained an aggressive suspect without endangering the public, whilst remaining calm and composed throughout.

“The court rightly acknowledged the bravery and the professionalism of the officers, with the Judge stating the seriousness with which assaults on officers are viewed.

“This is a fine example of how we are taking knives and offenders off the streets, and protecting the public.


“It also shows how our proactive operations directly result in convictions, and often jail sentences.”

Last month the Met Police released figures indicating the controversial policy of stop and search had led to a drop in violent crime in the last year.

Homicides fell by a quarter to 122 victims.

There was a 15 per cent reduction in stabbings of under 25s with 311 fewer  people  that age  injured by knives in the year to April 1. The falls in London buck a national trend.

Stop and searches increased by 30 per cent to 172,000 over the same period.

At the end of last month the Home Secretary Sajid Javid said he would launch a Stop and Search “blitz” to end the continuing bloodbath if the UK’s streets.

Theresa May radically tightened up the rules around Stop and Search in 2014 when she ran the Home Office.

More than 27 people have died from stab wounds on the streets of London this year.

2018 was London’s bloodiest in almost a decade, as the number of homicides reached 135.

Haddadi tried to escape from the police but was wrestled to the ground
BPM Media
Home Secretary Sajid Javid has promised a stop and search ‘blitz’
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