Teen whose paedophile dad raped her up to FOUR times a day from age of six and twice got her pregnant bravely speaks about her years of horrific abuse

A TEEN whose evil dad raped her up to four times a day from the age of six and twice got her pregnant today reveals the trauma she suffered at his hands.

Brave Shannon Clifton, now 18, has waived her anonymity to reveal how the monster regularly beat and sexually assaulted her as a child.


Shannon told how her abuse began at the age of just six when her dad raped her in her nightie (stock image)[/caption]

Paedophile Shane Ray Clifton first raped his daughter when she was six years old on the living room floor.

When he discovered she was pregnant with his child at just 11 – the vile pervert battered her unconscious and she lost the baby, the Mirror reports.

And when he discovered she was expecting again at 13, beast Clifton tried to make her miscarry by forcing her to perform dangerous exercise routines.

A suspicious school nurse told her to take a pregnancy test when she was nine-months gone – but terrified Shannon refused.


Shannon, now 18, said her dad beat her unconscious when she fell pregnant at 11 – causing her to miscarry (stock image)[/caption]

Fearing his sickening crimes would be exposed, Clifton forced his daughter to go on the run with him – sparking a six-day police manhunt.

Two days after the pair were found, Shannon gave birth to a baby boy – that was both her son and her brother.

Clifton, 36, was handed a life sentence with a minimum of 15 years for rape at Derby Crown Court in 2015.

The case made headlines after brainwashed Shannon screamed in court: “I love you Dad, I miss you”.

Neither sicko Clifton nor tragic Shannon could be named at the time.

But three years on, Shannon has bravely chosen to speak out about her eight years of hell in an effort to persuade other abused children to seek help.

She told the paper: “He stole my life. He turned it into a nightmare I couldn’t wake up from – raping and beating me for years. I was frightened and in pain every day.”


Shannon suffers from PTSD and attempted suicide at the age of 16 – but admits she still harbours a degree of love for her evil dad (stock image)[/caption]

But Shannon said she still misses her dad – because despite his horrific abuse, he was the only constant presence in her life when she was younger.

Binman Clifton took sole custody of Shannon – who he viewed as his “princess” – after splitting with her mum when she was five.

The violent thug then beat her with his fists or a hammer and even burned and stabbed her when she misbehaved.

But the cunning monster also turned Shannon against the rest of her family so that she would stop seeing them – and could only rely on him.

Telling of her first rape ordeal, Shannon said: “He got me up in the night and made me lie on the floor in my nightie.

“Then he lay on top of me and just did it. I felt the worst pain imaginable. I was screaming for him to stop, but he wouldn’t.

“Afterwards I lay there bleeding. I was sobbing so much I could barely breathe.”

Clifton managed to convince helpless Shannon that it was something “all dads did to their daughters” as the vile attacks gathered pace over the next eight years.

Shannon said at worst he would rape her up to four times a day.

She added: “He would even make me have sex with him in the woods.

“He’d film it and once made me watch it. I was crying – it was so horrible.”

Speaking of the baby she had at 13, Shannon said: “I loved him instantly. I thought, ‘He is my life now.’ But he was my brother. It was so confusing.”

Shannon suffers from PTSD, attempted suicide at 16 and fears Clifton may kill her when he is released from prison – but astonishingly admits she still has “some kind of love for my dad”.

With the help of a caring foster family she is now in a much happier place in her life.

Shannon is due to start criminal psychology degree in September and hopes that will help her understand her father’s motives.

She added: “I’ll never know exactly why my dad did what he did, but my aim is to help other abuse victims who read this – so they can find the help they need.”

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    The murderer “has a sexual perversion and hates women,” the police said in 2004, when she first established the link between the various murders, offering a reward of 200,000 yuan (27,000 euros) for any information. Gao Chengyong was identified by chance, after a family member arrested for a minor offense had his DNA taken by the police. The investigators then noted similarities to the DNA of the wanted killer for 28 years, and ordered tests for male family members.

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