Temptation Island fans urge Erica Washington to dump ‘toxic’ BF Kendal Kirkland after raunchy lap dance with hot blonde

TEMPTATION Island fans urged Erica Washington to dump her “toxic” boyfriend Kendal Kirkland after his raunchy lap dance with a hot blonde.

Fans took to social media to slam the new villain following the new episode of Temptation Island on Tuesday.

Temptation Island

Fans slammed Kendal as ‘toxic’ during Tuesday’s episode of Temptation Island[/caption]

Temptation Island

Viewers encouraged Erica to dump her long term boyfriend[/caption]

Temptation Island

Kendal received a raunchy lap dance from another woman during the episode[/caption]

Kendal rubbed fans the wrong way when he chose to date a hot blonde single over Erica, who is his long term committed girlfriend.

He continually treated Erica badly throughout the episode as he talked down to her and told her “she’s not good enough for him.”

Kendal even flirted with Chelsea Orcutt, who’s dating Thomas Gipson, in front of his girlfriend.

Following Kendal’s cruel actions, Erica sobbed while watching footage of her long term boyfriend grinding and wrapping his legs around the girl. 

Fans of the USA Network show took to Twitter to slam Kendal as “toxic” for how he acted while in a relationship with Erica.


Fans slammed Kendal as ‘toxic and controlling’[/caption]


Viewers encouraged Erica to ‘drop his a**’[/caption]


Many expressed that they feel bad for Erica[/caption]


Others said Kendal treats Erica like his ‘maid and personal assistant’[/caption]

One fan said Kendal is “so toxic and controlling,” as another added: “ERICA DROP HIS A**!!! kendal ain’t s**t.”

A following viewer expressed their sadness for Erica as they tweeted: “Aww I just want to hug Erika. she hasn’t even seen what Kendal is doing yet either.”

An additional fan added: “So basically Erica is Kendal’s maid and personal assistant. Praying she leaves without him at the end of this.”

Temptation Island

Kendal treated his long term girlfriend poorly throughout the episode[/caption]

Temptation Island

Fans felt sorry for Erica throughout the episode[/caption]

Last week, Temptation Island fans said they’re convinced Julian Allen will be the first contestant to cheat.

The personal trainer, 26, came onto the dating show with his partner of 11 years, Kristen Ramos, who he’s been unfaithful to twice before.

After opening up about their troubled relationship during last week’s episode, Kristen insisted they’re in love but she will leave him if he cheats again.

During the episode, the couples divided off and were sent to their separate villas, where they met the 12 single men and 12 single women drafted in to try to seduce them.


Viewers previously guessed Julian will be the first contestant to cheat[/caption]

Julian seemed to score brownie points when he swerved one of the single women’s hugs for a fist bump, though fans insisted he was “trying too hard” to stay away.

One viewer wrote: “I already know Julian [is] gonna be tempted.”

Another agreed, stating: “I have a feeling Julian is gonna be the first to stray.”

Temptation Island

The new episode of Temptation Island premiered last week[/caption] Link

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