Tesco slashes the price of its giant unicorn sprinkler by half to £30

IF you’re looking for a fun way to cool down this summer then you might want to check out Tesco’s magical inflatable unicorn sprinkler.

The giant inflatable, which sprays water from its horn, is currently reduced by 50 per cent from £60 to £30 making a total saving of £30.


The giant inflatable toy is down from £60 to £30 at Tesco

We were alerted to the deal by Becky Muir who posted a picture of her daughter on top of the magical toy to the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group.

Accompanying the picture, she said: “Inflatable unicorn sprinkler down to £30 from £60 in Tesco.”

The post has since amassed over 1,600 likes and 2,100 comments.

One excited woman tagged a friend and said: “Can you imagine Oliver’s face if you had this in the garden!”

A second said it would be a good replacement now her trampoline has gone: “Now the trampoline has gone this is going to be pride of place in the garden this summer – kids are going to love it!”

We’ve asked Tesco how big the unicorn is and we’ll update this story as soon as we get a response – but judging by Beck’s picture it seems to be quite large.

But Tesco says it should be easy to set up – you just need to insert your garden hose into the unicorn and fill it up with water.

The toy isn’t available online but you will be able to get your hands on it at your nearest Tesco. Use Tesco’s store locator tool to find your nearest.

Wowcher had a similar deal on an inflatable unicorn sprinkler last month for £29 but it’s no longer available.

This makes Tesco’s version the cheapest around, although I Want One of Those has one for £59.99 while Firebox has one priced at £49.99.

For something a bit cheaper, B&M is selling a snake sprinkler that you can attach to your garden hose for just £5.

The budget supermarket also offers an all-in-one inflatable pool which includes a slide, sprinkler and inflatables for £25 – £5 less than Tesco’s unicorn sprinkler.

If you’re looking for some fun in the sun but unicorns aren’t your thing, Aldi is selling a giant inflatable bouncy castle for £70.

You can also grab a bargain at Asda with it’s Slip and Slide water slide – costing only £5.

Or, if you’re after a pool, we’ve rounded-up of the best value paddling pools for your garden – whatever your budget.

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