Test Nebula Capsule, projector, standalone Android to the format of a can of coca

A video projector the size of a bobbin running Android 7.1, it is rather tempting, no ? Anker has made and we therefore propose its Nebula Capsule. If the concept is interesting, a test is necessary to find out if this product is to the expectations placed in him.

Thus was born the bobbin connected

What strikes you immediately when you open the box of the Nebula Capsule, it is its format. Hardly bigger than a soda can and rather lightweight, it is a product rather confusing as you will have between the hands.

On the top, the surface has 4 clickable buttons to turn it on, control the volume or even turn the projector into a simple Bluetooth speakers. At the top of the lateral surface, you’ll find the lens as well as a knob allowing you to manage the sharpness of the image. It is rather archaic, but it works pretty well, even if this wheel lacks a bit of precision. The ventilation grate is on the back of the lens and you will eventually see that it is essential.

Below all of this, it is a large speaker with 360° which team capsule that is only cut at the bottom to accommodate a micro-USB port for power and an HDMI port for connecting for example a game console.

Finally, the base consists of one band rubbery to adhere well when you ask your Nebula Capsule as well as a screw so you can hang it on any support, which will allow you to better manage the inclination and therefore the display surface.

My only regret about the design and ergonomics concerning the presence of this micro-USB port. I repeated each test smartphone equipped with this ancestor, but it would be really time that everyone goes to the USB Type-C to make it the new standard.

Impressive, but noisy…

You’ve already seen turn a TV on Android TV ? If this is the case, you should not be too much off the beaten track, because it is this interface that is offered on this product. The whole thing is rather responsive and quite enjoyable to use. I’ve been unpleasantly surprised by the fact that some applications, for example Netflix, are unusable with the remote control, and forces you to use the option “mouse” of the companion app.

Once in the interface, you ask yourself what are you going to be able to project as videos with this Nebula Capsule. To make it short, you’ll more or less be able to deliver everything that you want. Most of the Android apps are available, of Netflix via YouTube or Amazon Prime Video. In addition to this, since it is equipped with an HDMI port, you can plug in any equipment, even if let’s be frank, this is not his first vocation.

In fact, you will be few to make your tool main broadcast and this is not the purpose of this product. It is positioned more like a spotlight of extra to use on the road or even in a room. The fact is that although the picture is good, it is necessary all the same to find yourself in a dark environment for the benefit of an image exploitable.

For the fine quality of display and color, I was not really surprised. With a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels, you will not have the sharpness of the display of the latest 4K televisions on the market, but it is still very enjoyable. Regarding the colors, it is pretty dull, especially going from a Samsung curved mid-range to it. I dare not even imagine what it would be like for a user of the Oled TV. Please note that you can also adjust keystone manually, even if auto-tuning is very satisfactory.

About the sound, it is rather good, even if it is a little bit muffled and he misses, just like the picture, a little pep. Once again, nothing surprising given the product. It should not be expected to have a high-end sound in a format so small. Beyond the sound quality, the experience is mostly distorted by the ventilation very noisy. You will need to increase the volume to really hear properly and it’s sometimes quite unpleasant, if you want to watch a series while your half asleep, for example.

Concerning, finally, the autonomy, don’t expect to use it a night without connecting to the mains. After about 2: 30, you will have the power to not see your speaker is cut off.


This Nebula Capsule is a product that is rather interesting. The display quality is good, the compact size attractive and nomad is just as much, but the whole is served by a sound quality average, and ventilation is very noisy.

Proposed at a price of 549 €, it is a little bit expensive. But it is a unique product and quality that you will have between the hands.

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