Test the Cream Pulp Hands Ekos Maracujà

Go to Woman Current Testers until August 5 included to test for free and in you the Cream Pulp Hands Ekos Maracujà of Natura Brasil.

The Cream for Hands the oil Maracujá provides the skin an immediate hydration level that lasts up to 24 hours, leaving it delicately scented notes of fresh and tangy.

A native of the Atlantic Forest, the Maracujá, or passion fruit, is very appreciated in Brazil for its golden yellow colour and its taste is fresh and tangy. The fruit pulp is pressed, and then consumed in the form of fresh juice. The seeds that remain after pressing the juice, are often set aside, Natura Brasil recovers and restores the nobility of that part of the fruit is rich in omega-6 to extract an oil with emollient properties and the aroma fruity and tangy flavour.

Apply as often as necessary, of the nails up to the wrists.

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